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Five Reasons to Buy an Eco-Friendly Home

There are many advantages to buying an eco-friendly home. If you are thinking about investing in not only your future but the environment’s as well, then you will discover that being eco-friendly involves a lot more than just having solar panels for your home. Buying an eco-friendly home may cost you more initially, on top of the usual stamp duties and conveyancing fees, but in the long run you stand to save a lot of money, as well as helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Panel
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Savings on utility bills
You will find that you save a significant amount of money on your utilities as you use less electricity, gas and water. There are a number of ways you can do this. By having solar panels on your roof you can use the sun’s energy to power your home and heat your water. With the right water saving appliances, such as the dishwasher, you will save water, and you can also reduce your water usage by having the right shower head and a toilet that uses less water per flush.

Recycled, environmentally friendly and safe materials
An eco-friendly home should be constructed with recycled materials where possible. You can buy recycled bricks from houses that are being torn down and you can use recycled timber. You can also choose to build a home from materials such as mud brick or even a straw bale home. Eco-friendly homes are often constructed from materials that are considered safer and help protect your health, for example better paint and formaldehyde free building materials.

Probably not something you would be considering doing in the immediate future, but one day you may decide to sell, and having an eco-friendly home puts you in a good position within the market. Today people are becoming more aware of climate change and of the benefits that the environment and their hip pocket experience when owning an energy efficient home. You will find that you will be able to ask a higher price than a standard home of a similar size.

Preserve your surroundings
An eco-friendly home will have been built with as little damage to the surrounding natural area as possible. The trees around your home should be well established and will save you having to spend a lot of money at the nursery on sizeable plants to create shade in your garden. The natural shade will also help keep your house cooler in summer, reducing your need to switch on your air conditioner. With the outdoors preserved as much as possible it will mean that any native birds and animals may still visit and live in your property.

Healthy lifestyle
By living in an eco-friendly home you will be undertaking a much healthier lifestyle, as well as reducing your impact on the environment. Your home will be constructed from materials that are non toxic and you will be breathing in cleaner air, due to a limitation of these toxins as well as having an established garden. As well as the house you can start to change your lifestyle habits by eating healthier, using green products and updating your appliances to more energy efficient ones.

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