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Five Reasons to Get a Fragrance Spray in Your Home

Cleaning is always one of the first steps to making a house smell nice. But sometimes you want to have that little extra fragrance that adds character to your decoration and atmosphere to the day. So once you have opened the windows and ventilated all rooms and cupboards, vacuumed away the pet hair and sprinkled some baking soda around to take away unpleasant smells and vacuumed again, it’s time to think about fragrances. Here are the times when a fragrant spray comes into its own.

Cleaned floor


There is nothing lovelier for any guest than to visit a house with a pleasant smell. Anyone selling a house knows that the smell of fresh coffee makes a prospective buyer feel at home. The aroma of a freshly cooking meal can be wonderful. But it’s not something you want around you all day. Vanilla is a truly inviting scent. A fragrance spray of cloves, cinnamon and vanilla in the hallway will give that welcoming feeling and guest will feel both happy and safe. Cloves, cinnamon and orange will give a special welcome for a Christmas party.


Fragrances can encourage relaxation in any room in the house. Bathrooms are for relaxation as well as washing. A sandalwood scent in the bath has a calming and soothing effect as you soak. A fragrance spray with a springtime scent of green leaves and herbs can give that feeling of a fresh breeze that will rid it of smells and leave an uplifting feeling. Guest will also feel more relaxed if you spray a woody or musky aroma around. And a lavender spray will aid relaxation and sleep in the bedroom.


Exotic fragrances sprayed around a room can create a sensual mood. A spray with a rose scent is soft and warm. The rich, sweet fragrance will make you and your guests feel as though they are surrounded by luxury and splendour. A rose scent is a safe choice as a mood maker as almost everyone loves it. This can be a superb addition to a romantic evening.


Sometimes it’s essential to neutralise unpleasant and lingering smells quickly. These can be from cooking, especially using spices and garlic, indoor smoking and wood burning stoves. Smells from rotting food or garbage also linger longer than expected. A spray with a citrus fragrance from gives a quick, clean change. A room, kitchen or fridge feels immediately refreshed and full of sunshine.


You have redecorated, refurnished and remodelled. But there’s something lacking. A room doesn’t feel homely enough when it only feels new and clean. A little background fragrance sprayed around can give a room a special character. A floral bouquet of lilac and jasmine will give just a hint of something interesting and blend in with new décor.

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