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Five Reasons You Need an Outdoor Living Area

There are great benefits to having an outdoor living area, and whether you choose to expand your living space by investing in verandas around your home or installing a retractable awning outside your back door, you can utilise your outdoor area and make much better use of the space.

Outdoor Living Area

Make better use of your garden

Rather than just having a back garden that you never use with an un-mown lawn and lots of weeds, put some thought into it and turn the space into an extension of your indoors. Don’t think of your back yard as a garden but rather a potential living area. Think about creating different ‘rooms’ within your garden, with different areas for different purposes. Create a main entertainment area that is more like an indoor room. Rather than just having a barbecue outside your back door, have a built in barbecue that you could do all your meals on if you wish. Have an outdoor kitchen where you can even prepare your entire meal.

Entertain at home

Having a proper outdoor living area will mean that you will entertain more at home and by doing so save yourself the cost of going out to eat. If you have a great space to entertain people will want to come over. Things like a swimming pool, an outdoor fire, an outdoor kitchen and comfortable lounges will make your outdoor living area great to relax in.

Increase the value of your property

Any modifications you do to your home are going to increase its value. By adding things like roller blinds, a retractable awning or veranda, a swimming pool, paving or timber decking or even establishing a garden are going to add value to your property. You might not be thinking of selling now but you never know what the future may bring.

Create somewhere the children

Get your children off the couch and out of the house by creating a fantastic haven within your own back yard. It will save you a lot of money too because you won’t need to take them to expensive play centres or other entertainment during the school holidays, just let them loose outside. Dedicate an area of the garden especially for them and screen it off by growing a hedge or thick bushes. Have things like a sandpit, a tree house or swings. You might like to put in a vegetable garden of their own as well.


If you really want to de-stress and relax at home have a special outdoor living area that is built especially for this purpose. There is great outdoor furniture available now, particularly lounges that are made just for dozing outdoors in. Water features can create a relaxing atmosphere, whether you have a running waterfall with recycled water or you put in a pond with some giant goldfish. Plant plenty of leafy green plants, and remember that natives will attract the birds, if you want to be surrounded by the sound of bird calls.

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