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Five Simple and Practical Energy-Saving Projects

When looking to reduce costs, many think of ways to use less energy and cut their electric bill in half. Here are five simple and practical energy-saving projects.

Energy Saving

Reinforced windows:

When using thick windows, one can enjoy a couple of benefits. For starters, large and thicker windows will help residents in the house enjoy a quieter time as less noise will come in the house. Furthermore, with this technique, one will save on their heating and cooling bills as they will prevent hot and cold air from coming in the house. With this quick project, one can save plenty of cash on their monthly electric bill.


When planting a tree, a homeowner can use his or her air conditioner less. With this simple and inexpensive investment, one can block the sun’s rays from penetrating the house. Not only that, a well-placed tree can improve the look and overall ambiance of the yard. In fact, the experts at  agree that a tree can bring in value to a home while making the owners happy.


Often, one will take a few steps to save on energy but not go far enough in their quest. When putting caulk in cracks, one can prevent cold and hot air from entering the home. With this small investment, a family can see a decent drop in their electric bills. The great thing about this step is that one can spend less than $10 to save a lot of money.

New appliances:

When using old and outdated appliances, a homeowner can waste plenty of money. Whether running an old dishwasher or washing machine, one can use double, or even triple, the amount of energy that a new appliance uses. Luckily, when buying an energy-efficient version, one can enjoy a solid tax break in most areas of the country.

Tankless water heater:

In the morning, many family members will, inevitably, use too much hot water and waste a lot of money in the process. With a tankless water heater, one can enjoy a warm shower while saving money and using less natural resources. The great thing about this style of water heater is that one can place it in a small closet and not waste valuable space in the house.

With these five tips, a homeowner can lower his or her electric bill drastically. Luckily, none of these ideas are hard to carry out and will not cost a homeowner too much money.

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