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Five Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer

With the cost of electricity constantly going up and with people becoming more aware of the affects of climate change, looking for alternative ways to keep your home cool in summer is becoming more popular. Rather than automatically switching on your air conditioning, first look to other simple ways of keeping your house cool.

Roller Blinds

It doesn’t take much to make a difference to the temperature inside your home. Having things like roller blinds and verandas around your home can make a huge difference.

Ceiling fans
By keeping the air moving within your home you can lower the temperature by at least six or seven degrees. Air that is moving feels cooler and a ceiling fan doesn’t use much energy so it won’t cause your electricity bills to sky rocket. Have one positioned in the ceiling over your bed so you are comfortable at night, as well as in your main living area. Make sure that the blades are spinning in the right direction so they are pushing the air downwards.

Shut the blinds and curtains
You can dramatically reduce the temperature inside your home by simply shutting your blinds or curtains. Heavy backed curtains or blinds are better as they will block out more light and heat, plus in winter they do the reverse and trap more heat inside your home. You can buy roller blinds that shut automatically, meaning you can adjust them using a remote. This is particularly handy if you have windows that are up high and out of reach.

Shade around your home
Having a veranda or awnings around your home will help keep your house cool by throwing shade across the windows. As well as creating an outdoor area to entertain a veranda will also add value to your home. You will find that you are more tempted to use your outdoor area if you have a veranda, so you are likely to leave doors open, letting a breeze through to cool your home.

Planting the right shade trees around your home can make a difference to the temperature inside your home. Choose trees that aren’t going to drop branches on your house, so steer clear of eucalyptus trees as they are known for dropping branches unexpectedly. It is a good idea to plant trees that offer more shade on the north and west sides of your property so your home is shaded during the hottest time of the day. Have a think about planting deciduous trees, which as they lose their leaves in winter, will mean that they don’t block the sun from your home in winter but will shade it in summer.

Switch off appliances
You wouldn’t think it but having appliances switched on at the wall which are not in use can actually increase the temperature in your home. Things like the television can generate a lot of heat so if you are not really watching it switch it off. If you can use your appliances, such as your washer, during the evening when it is cooler and avoid using your clothes dryer altogether, instead hang your washing outside on the line.

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  • Ways to keep your home cooler in summer include having roller blinds and ceiling fans, putting verandas around your home and planting shade trees around your house.

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