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Five Ways To Make Your Garden More Green

Having a garden is a good and nice hobby. It can be the place where you can enjoy after the long day at work. With all the chemicals that can help your garden look beautiful and well protected from any kind of pest, weed or different types of bugs.

Green Home

Why don’t you take the challenge onto the next level? Make your garden greener. Now, you’re probably asking yourself how is this possible. Before we answer this question, let’s consider some other things that may help you realize why you should do it.

Anything that we use today is made using energy from fossil fuels that pollute our environment and has large impact on so called greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect leads to global warming which may impact every plant and living creature on Earth, including humans.

Using compost instead of chemical fertilizers

Of course it’s easier to start your car, drive to a local market for gardening supplies and buy some of the chemical fertilizers which will make your garden grow and glow. By doing this you will pollute air while driving your car, and by supporting chemical industry that makes fertilizers (using energy from fossil fuel), and you will pollute soil and water by using chemical fertilizer. There is no doubt that your garden will be good looking. On the other hand, you can make the compost yourself. All the ingredients can be found in your kitchen and around your house. You’ll need compost bin (which can be easily found on the market), and any type of organic waste like apple cores, vegetable peels, coffee ground and so on. Put all of this organic waste into the compost bin, and lid it well in order to prevent bugs and worms to go in. After a month you will have the compost ready to use in your garden.

Getting rid of the pest in natural way

Seeing any kind of insect on your hardly grown garden flowers isn’t pleasant at all. Like previously mentioned, you can always use any of widely spread chemical pesticides, but that’s not the point. One of the oldest and simplest ways is to plant some of the herbs and flowers that insects don’t like. Chose any herb from marigolds, citronella, basil, garlic and so on. Another way is to have birds in your yard. Attract them by making a birdhouse and provide them with bird seed and water. Birds are natural enemies and predators for many types of bugs and insects.

Watering the garden

Besides having been fed (with fertilizers) and protected from pests, your garden flowers and herbs must be watered as well. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, water is a very limited resource on the planet. That being said, if you’re going to make your garden greener you have to water your plants wisely. Water them in the morning to avoid evaporation of the water. If soil doesn’t absorb water well, aerate the soil. The compost itself tends to absorb water and to release it very slowly so your plants will have enough water for longer period of time, and the compost will prevent water runoff from the ground. Collecting rain for garden watering purpose will lower your water bills and you will always have enough water for your garden.


Instead of using any sort of chemicals that will prevent weed from growing, get rid of the weeds by digging it by hand. You can also use boiling water for weeds that appears in spaces between cobblestone pavers, or next to the sidewalk.

Plant choice

Pick the plants that grow well in your climate area. It will be easier to grow them and have a nice garden with less effort, than to grow rare and sensitive plants that require special fertilizers and pesticides to grow and be healthy.

You can enjoy the view to your garden from your chair, or you can make paths that will allow you to walk through it. Paths can be made from different kinds of materials like gravel, decomposed granite or cobblestone pavers. Choose the right one that will make your garden stylish and adorable with all the flowers in it.

The effort you may take in going greener with your garden is no pain for you at all but it might help saving the planet from all the pollution made by human race.

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