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Fresh Green Flavours of Summer

Summer is the perfect time to eat healthy fresh produce, particularly if it is sourced locally. Nothing quite conjures up the perfect summer day of childhood like sitting amongst rows of fragrant strawberries at the pick-you-own farm, and sneaking a few to eat right there and then. Salads are abundant and light and beautiful, flavourful green dishes are just the thing.

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If you are looking for the best of green summer meals to feed the family or impress your guests then look out for green recipes combining fruit flavours in savoury dishes as the ideal way to add a wow factor. A few essentials in your kitchen cabinets will go a long way too: a good quality olive oil, black peppercorns and sea salt for grinding and of course some delicious balsamic vinegar. Salads such as feta and watermelon or spinach and orange will come alive with a touch of balsamic – and I have even known people to put it on strawberries; however I think I will stick with the traditional cream option.

A green herb garden is also a delicious addition to your kitchen in summer, whether a full grown bed in the garden proper or a simple window box, being able to add freshly cut herbs to a wide variety of dishes will add a depth of flavour and a bright edge. Mint is a particular favourite of mine and is a lovely fragrant plant to have around too. Add to a pea risotto for a clean bite or simply dress new potatoes to accompany any green salad or fish dish. Fitted kitchens come alive with the smells of inventive cookery so embrace your creative side and experiment with some tasty combinations you may never have tried before.

It doesn’t have to be green leaves, leaves, leaves either: cooked dishes can be wonderful in summer when eaten al fresco. Chicken with lemon, homemade pizza to delight the children and don’t forget the barbecue either – get Dad involved and raise the bar above the basic burger and sausage level!

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