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Going green and saving money

The best thing about making green choices in these recessionary times is that they can also save you money.
Growing your own vegetables, buying locally, reusing and recycling old materials, insulating your house and refusing to take unnecessary journeys other than on foot or by bike are all good examples of green choices that can save a small fortune.

When it comes to motoring, though, you may have to invest a little more up front. That’s because the types of eco cars UK motorists are most interested in today tend to be new – as technology is improving almost by the day – and they tend to be a little more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts anyway.

But fear not. Although low emission cars are, admittedly, a little more costly to start with, you will save on running costs. It almost goes without saying that the mpg figures are, on the whole, far superior. But then there are the tax costs as well, which are lower. Also, the second-hand re-sale value of eco-friendly cars looks likely to hold up better in the future, particularly for cars which are well looked after.

Green drivers by their very nature, tend also be the type of people who aren’t interested in the boy-racer side of the driving experience, so the cars will tend to be looked after better, almost by definition!

It’s still better to choose alternative transport sources if you can – and cheaper. So wherever you can do so, consider walking, cycling or using public transport (particularly trains) and encourage the children to do the same; explaining why. But if you really need a vehicle for those long family journeys, then the eco-friendly vehicles should play catch-up on cost with conventionally-fuelled cars given time.

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