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Going Green: Are Hybrid Cars the Future?

Hybrid Cars are becoming more commonplace in the world and that’s a sign that the times are changing. While there’s still value in driving, say, a Toyota Vios in the Philippines, the fact is that hybrid cars are now becoming the norm. While the surging popularity of hybrid cars does signify a change, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Toyota Hybrid

How do Hybrid Cars Run

Hybrid cars are essentially cars that have two engines, one uses traditional fuel while the other is an electric engine mainly used for low speeds. Hybrid cars have two engines and this is where their advantage lies. Having two engines not only ensures that the car will run, it also ensures lower fuel consumption and cleaner emission.

The technology for Hybrid cars has existed for almost a century now, however it has only been put into use in the past decade because of the price of their manufacturing and materials. The rise in the hybrid car’s popularity not only surged because of their novelty but also because they have proven to be an investment that has great returns in the long run.

While it can’t be denied that having a clean and efficient car is a good thing, here are some pros and cons for owning a hybrid car:

Economic Efficiency – Pro

Hybrid Cars are more efficient because they rely on two sources of power, traditional fuel and electricity. While hybrid cars can be recharged, most of them have a built-in feature wherein the car is slowly recharged by braking. This is done due to a pre-installed part that converts the energy used in breaking to electricity that powers the car. Not only does this reduce charging times, it also ensures the continued efficiency of the car.

Slightly More Expensive to Purchase – Con

While Hybrid Cars are cheaper nowadays, it’s still a fact that they are slightly more expensive than cars that rely on traditional fuel.

Good for the Environment – Pro

Because Hybrid Cars rely on two sources of power, the reliance on fossil fuel is lessened. Research states that a hybrid’s smog emission is reduced by 50% as compared to a traditional car. A car that not only saves its owner money but cares for the environment is most definitely a good car.

Cash Incentives – Pro and Con

Modern countries have started to adopt a more coherent approach with regards to environmental safety and by extension most of them now offer customer-friendly loans to people who purchase hybrid cars. This is done to make their transition from traditional cars to hybrid cars more affordable and easier on the pocket.

While this is a good thing, the problem is that not every country or state offers this cash incentive for would-be hybrid owners.

Less Power – Con

While it is a fact that hybrid cars are more fuel efficient, that however translates to poorer speeds and poorer handling. While that isn’t an issue for city driving, it will however prove to be a thorn for people who love speed. While speed is a good thing, this blog however recommends driving safely and following the rules of the road.


Hybrid Cars have a lot of pros and cons but most people are still unaware of the value of owning a hybrid car. However, is it feasible to own a hybrid car in your country or any country at all? The answer is yes. Hybrid cars are the herald of an upcoming age of cleaner and more fuel efficient cars. While they may be slower compared to traditional cars, they are quite safe and fun to drive. Not only does a hybrid car save its owner money, it also ensures a safer environment.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for TOYOTA Toyota Vios Philippines.

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