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Going Green In The Kitchen

I have written several articles about ways to make your kitchen green, as in energy efficient and kind to the environment, but today I am thinking about green the colour and how it can be applied in the kitchen. There are many different ways to introduce green to your kitchen; here are just a few ideas…

Green Kitchen
Photo: jinkazamah

1. Green accents. Green is a perfect accent colour to liven up a neutrally toned room. If you have grey, white and black everywhere from the kitchen cabinets to the walls and floor then you really need a pick-me-up. Choose a strong green and accessorise away.

2. Pastel green. For a very soft and restful kitchen, suited to a country cottage style or similar use a very pale light green on the walls. Beautiful against natural wood it will give an instant feeling of springtime.

3. Olive green. A dark, muddy olive green will look fantastic with the dark wood veneers which are so popular at the moment. Making very grown-up and sophisticated statement this kind of green will be timeless.

4. Lime green. Very much for a younger audience, a bright lime green is perfect with the high gloss white kitchens which are very much in fashion. Try it as a glass splash-back behind your kitchen worktops or apply it to the walls or fabrics.

5. Grass green. Bringing the outside in, a grass green will be spectacular if offset with bright flower prints for a fun and fresh look. Be bold and see the scheme through, no half measures here.

6. Green kitchen. An entirely bright green run of kitchen cabinets needs a brave soul and a huge room in order to pull it off – not for the faint hearted. Likewise, a bright green kitchen counter will not be easy on the eye so think carefully before taking the plunge.

The upshot is – choose your greens carefully! Bright and acidic = hard to decorate with, muted and soft = a safer choice. Good luck going green!

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