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Going green, Recycling practices at the office

The environment is a major issue around the world nowadays, and some of the practices that businesses and homes follow are still not adequate to helping conserve energy and so reduce the damage to the planet. Turning greener doesn’t have to be a challenge just some simple changes to your daily life will help make all the different to our children’s’ future and help to make it a better and safer place to live for us all. Going green in the work place only takes some small changes and will not only help save on emissions but also help save you money. Here are some easy tips on making your office a more eco friendly place to be.

Recycling practices at the office

Some easy changes in saving energy in the office begin with unplugging office equipment. When electrical appliances are plugged in they are still using electric. If you unplug equipment and chargers you are not using then this will be a start. Switching off anything that is not in use will help reduce the electricity consumption.

The actual building can also affect the energy bills. If it is not insulted effectively then the heat can escape through roofs, windows and doors. Invest in roofing insulation and stop the heat and cool escaping. Make sure doors and windows are efficient and sealed with draught proof materials or replace with double glazing. Though a costly expense they last longer and reduce the draught and noise in the office environment. This will work with keeping a place warm or cool. Older buildings tend to be less effective than newly constructed ones that follow special environmental regulations, and use newer materials that insulate a building better.

Arrange the office so that desks are in well lit area close to windows of possible, for natural light. Change the lighting; replace normal conventional bulbs with energy saving bulbs. They can cost slightly more at first but last considerably longer. There are plenty of suppliers that provide office with energy saving supplies to help in saving the environment. In addition you can use the services of professional cleaner or purchase greener electrical appliances that are energy efficient and specially designed to last longer. Also suppliers will supply recycled paper, printer cartridges and pens.

You can recycle as much as you can in the office. Place large waste bins in easy to find areas and labeled correctly to encourage staff to recycle. Paper, card, plastic, metal and glass are the main waste materials collected on a daily basis. Businesses can create a lot of waste so controlling it will not only help towards a better environment but reduce the cost or disposing business waste. Try to reuse printer paper for notes and scrap notes to help towards reducing the amount of trees cut down every year. You can reduce the paper consumption by using email. If you have a coffee machine try to encourage staff to bring in their own mug as opposed to plastic and foam cups.

Going green  office

Getting to work for many employees means car travel which causes a lot of carbon emissions in the air especially if held up in traffic. Cars are a major cause of pollution and reduced travel will help towards cleaner air for you and your children. Encourage work mates to share the car and fuel costs. In doing so will reduce the carbon monoxide spewed into the environment. Other greener options are public transport. Or you can be really healthy and walk or cycle. These options are excellent for the environment and will also improve your own health.

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