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Great Alternatives to Carpet

Carpet is not the only thing you can put on your floor for your home, office or business and alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. The problem with carpets is that once they get stained they may never be the same. Carpets also start to get worn as well as lose their colour and even start to smell from moisture or other stains.

Following are some of the alternatives to carpet:

Concrete floor

Polished concrete flooring
● Polished wooden floorboards
● Floating floorboards
● Traditional tiling
● Carpet tiles

Which one will be right for you and your home or business?

Using Polished Concrete

Polished concrete can turn a few people off simply because they think it will look like a bare slab of grey. This is far from the truth and each polished concrete floor has a unique look as well as a unique pattern because of the way the slab is laid. You can even add extra bits to the concrete slab to create unique patterns once it is professionally polished.

This can also be a slightly cheaper and longer lasting solution for a pre existing floor that has some tired old carpet on it. You can simply pull up all the old carpet and have the concrete polished. This also makes shops and offices much easier to clean and the treated and polished concrete will be pretty slip proof as well.

Polished Wooden Floorboards

Many older homes have had carpet covering the floor for many years and only in recent times have people discovered the beauty of floorboards. In previous centuries bare wood floors would have meant you were poor, but beautifully polished natural timber floors are something to envy.
Like polished concrete they are also very easy to take care of although they are much easier to mark. You might also need to do a bit of work even if your floorboards are in pretty good condition. This could mean sealing up your floorboards and of course sanding them back and then sealing and polishing them.

Floating Floor Boards

If you only have concrete floors and no natural timber flooring then don’t despair! You can still easily add in wooden floors with floating timber flooring. It is relatively easy to lay and comes in a modular style with the floor clicking into place. However, you might want a professional to do the edges or the entire floor if you are not too handy as getting it to fit properly can be a hassle.

Traditional Tiling

Tiling has really come back into fashion as an affordable but long lasting way to have beautiful floors. Because tiles can be done in pretty much any colour (and patterns) it can be added to the overall design of the house. It is often a given that a bathroom or kitchen will be tiled, though that is no reason that you cannot tile your entire home. A tiled home can really save on cleaning as you will no longer have to vacuum the floors as they can easily be cleaned and mopped.

Carpet Tiles

Last, but not least, if you still want that carpet feel but don’t want to replace a whole carpet because of a wine stain then try carpet tiles. These are great as they allow for single carpet tiles to be replaced when needed but are much more low maintenance than traditional carpet.

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