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Green Cooking

Wasting food is one of my pet hates. Maybe it is down to my Mother telling me to eat everything on my plate as a child or maybe it is just the completely wrong feeling I get when throwing food away. Whatever it is, wasting food is certainly not good for the planets resources, and for our bank balances either. Here are just a few tips of ways to make sure you eat everything up rather than throwing it away!

Classic Style Kitchen

  1. Go through your fridge regularly and cook the things with the shortest dates on them first. Even if you don’t eat it all on the day, cook it and freeze it to save waste.
  2. Clear out the stores in your kitchens regularly. What jars and packets have you got lurking at the back of the cupboards? If they’re out of date get rid of them and if not then think about how to use them up.
  3. Cook in bulk and freeze in portions. Cooking larger quantities is great for the environment as it uses less energy in the long run, and you will never be short of a meal if your freezer is put to good use.
  4. Save getting bored of eating the same thing over and over again by getting creative with your recipes: bolognaise can be turned into chilli, chicken can be curried and vegetables go well in a Spanish omelette for example.
  5. Serve up smaller portions. Put less on your plate and eat it all up – you can always go back for seconds. Any untouched leftovers can be kept for another day in this way rather than going in the bin.
  6. Plan properly. Keep a list handy on your kitchen worktops of what you are cooking each night for the week and stick to it. You will shop more efficiently and are less likely to end up with food you can’t use.


Enjoy your food and keep waste to a minimum – you will be proud of yourself and really make a difference.

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