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Green Ideas for Your Home

From the light bulbs you have in your lampshades, to the eco-friendly paint you use to repaint for your coffee tables, to the fabrics you have on your sofas, all aspects of your interior design can have a positive impact on the environment.

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We all have a responsibility to reduce our energy consumption, emissions and waste. Here are some tips for a green household.
1. Instead of putting on your heating, put on a sweater!! Or when you do put on your heating, put it on for less time and turn it down. Not only will his save you money on your bills but it will reduce your carbon footprint – approximately 2,000 pounds of C02 a year to be precise!
2. Turn off the lights and your laptop etc when you are not using them.
3. Wash your clothes on 30 degrees and use 80 per cent less energy than you would with a hot wash.
4. Replace standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs reduces impact on the environment and will save money on your bills as normal light bulbs waste a lot of energy.
5. Wrap a insulation blanket around your water heater or boiler to reduce your CO2 emissions.
6. Use public transport instead of driving. Or even better, cycle or walk. Not only are energy efficient cars available now but a lot of work places and events encourage the use of public transport or green initiatives.
7. Repaint furniture using eco friendly paint which has less fumes and less impact on the environment. When you buy your new coffee table, desk or dining room furniture make sure it is made of wood that is sustainable.
8. You can recover your sofa using fabric that is eco friendly and made from recycled materials
9. Recycle lass, cans, plastic bottles and paper and separate your waste into different bins.

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