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Green Life Wellness: 5 Tips for Changing your Unhealthy Habits

Embracing a green lifestyle will enable you to make a positive difference in the world, and it will also give you the opportunity to get in better shape. After all, some of the best eco-friendly techniques will require you to reduce your reliance on gasoline and eat healthier food, and this will make it easy to achieve your environmental and personal health goals.

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Five Tips for Improving Your Health through Green Living

1. Ride Your Bike to Work 

Many people believe that they do not have enough time to exercise. Therefore, the odds are high that you spend most of your downtime doing something sedentary such as watching TV or surfing the Internet. However, as long as you live relatively close to your workplace, you could easily reduce your gasoline consumption and get into better shape by riding your bike to work at least once a week. As an added bonus, this will also help you save money due to the escalating cost of gas.

2. Eat Organic Food

Farmers who utilize traditional methods spray a lot of harmful pesticides that can be damaging to people and the environment. Therefore, it is always best to incorporate as many organic foods into your diet as possible. You should also strongly consider purchasing the majority of your organic items from local farmers to help reduce the environmental strain that is caused by shipping food long distances.

3. Plant a Garden 

Raising your own vegetables is much more eco-friendly than driving to the store each time you need something, and it will also enable you to create your own organic food. Additionally, working in your garden will give you positive health benefits. In fact, studies have indicated that gardening can improve an individual’s mental health. If possible, you should consider joining a community garden to make quality food available to a larger group of people.

4. Utilize Natural Light

Most people turn several lights on inside of their home during the day instead of opening their blinds. However, as long as it is not extremely hot outside, you can actually reduce your electric consumption and help your mental health by opening your blinds. After all, people need exposure to the sun to avoid issues such as seasonal affective disorder, but you will be able to avoid the direct impact of the sun’s rays that can be harmful for your skin.

5. Turn to a Life Coach for Support

If you are having difficulty sticking to a green lifestyle, you should strongly consider using an online coaching directory to find a local life coach who can help you with your goals. A life coach will set a timeline in motion for you, and they will also help you stay focused on each necessary task that will enable you to create a greener and healthier lifestyle.

In a recent interview, professional life coach Calgary-based Sue Abuelsamid explained, “I help people who strive to create more positive energy, build meaningful relationships, and tap into their higher purpose.” This interview is an excellent example of how a life coach can help support a client with goal setting and motivation skills. In fact, this is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to remain motivated for any new goal in your life.

Adopting a green lifestyle will let you have a positive impact on your local environment, and it can also make it easier to improve your physical and mental health. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to create a timeline for converting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Lisa Coleman shares some ways a person can get healthier while promoting a friendlier and greener way of living. She encourages utilizing a life coach, found easily through an online life coach directory. Whether it is a supportive life coach Calgary, Canada or Dallas, Texas that you seek, there is one easily found in any area that can help support a healthier and greener lifestyle.

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