Green living: Save Our Earth By Living Green

Green Plumbing Ideas: How to Save Money and Save the Planet in One Shot

Going green might look like a mountain to climb at first. However, if you look at the bigger picture, it is not that difficult. When we give nature something back, it returns the generosity manifolds.


I’m an eco-friendly person and would do my best to be environment friendly and contribute towards saving the planet. The ideas I came across sounded amazing to me and I was more than happy to take a chance with them. I never knew I would end up so happy. Here are some lessons from my experience with eco friendly plumbing ideas.

Going green is the way to go ahead

So, my journey started with going green in everything I do. But how do I do it with my office plumbing needs? This question was mind boggling until I figured it all out. Everything is possible in this world, if you think it is. Many people believe that they will have to pay a premium to go eco-friendly and so did I in the beginning. Whether you believe it or not, when you go green, you actually save money.

I adapted to reducing the water usage at the office by using specially designed products that increase the water usage efficiency. This works in a great way. There are certain water fixtures which are capable enough to not to waste even a single ounce of water. You don’t have to be worried about employees leaving the taps open or using excessive water. The water flow rate is automatically managed. You can bring down the water usage by nearly 35% and also save money on water bills.

Change those age-old water heaters

This is a small investment that you can make for a greater future. Believe me when I tell you to move on to tank-less water heaters. It saves a tremendous amount of energy. These water heaters are instant and can heat up water in a matter of seconds. You do not need a tank to store that water and wait for the heating element to reach a perfect temperature.

Automated equipment has reached the peak of innovation where everything is achieved instantly, just like searching something on Google! You have warm water at your disposal anytime you want, and at lesser energy levels. What’s more in it for you, you save on power bills too.

Commercial Bathroom

Commodes and bathroom fixtures

I’ve often wondered why so much water has to be used when I flush the toilet. Then the answer blinked right in front of me. There are some fixtures which are smart enough to know that how much water has to be disposed off the tank. This is called innovation in my opinion. The age-old tanks will flush the entire water if there is a need or not. These days plumbing fixtures are eco friendly and help you save money at the same time.

Use environment effective appliances

Every office uses dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators and other energy consuming appliances. I’ve noticed that most of these appliances use tremendous amount for energy and natural resources like water. Then I came up with this idea of using something modern which is energy efficient. I also realized along the way that using energy efficient methods is an investment but for the best, because down the line they save you money. Some of them are appliances which use recycled water, for example. There are several ways one can cut down on consumption and they don’t even realize the benefits of doing so.

Insulate the pipes

Until I was told, I never realized the value of insulation. I always thought it was a pain. Insulating pipes keeps the water warm (or cool) for longer periods of time. You do not have to depend on water heating system all the time. It just imitates nature, just like the cocoon, which keeps the larvae warm until it is ready to metamorphose into a butterfly. These techniques imitate nature in every single way.

Every time I come across office plumbing needs, I often wonder if there is an eco-friendly way to go about it. I then chanced upon AC Fitouts, who have been providing plumbing services to the locals in our area. They showed me that environment-friendly plumbing doesn’t have to be costly.

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