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Greener Kitchen Habits: Round Two

Still on my soap box about unnecessary waste and excess in the kitchen I am following up the article ‘A Subtle Shift to a Greener Kitchen’ with a few more ideas which you might like to adopt. Remember, it is not about a massive upheaval in lifestyle just a few adjustments to every day tasks which all go together to make a big difference.

Greener Kitchen

  1. Kitchen paper or kitchen towel is a huge waste of the world’s resources. Think how much you get through and what it costs you: switch to washable fabric tea-towels for mopping up messes and it is a step in the right direction. Reinstate the cloth handkerchief instead of paper tissues too and that’s a clean sweep – pardon the pun.
  2. Put a lid on your pans. Simple but very effective as food will cook quicker, using less energy and less water too – you only need enough to cover what you are boiling, avoid the temptation to fill the pan right up as it will take longer to boil, again wasting more energy.
  3. Clean kitchens with white vinegar instead of chemical based cleaning products. Kinder to the environment and very cheap. Don’t think that your house will smell like a chip shop either, it wont – the smell evaporates very quickly and the resulting shine is impressive.
  4. Don’t immediately throw food out on the ‘best before’ date. I am not suggesting you take a chance on a week old packet of prawns, but with fruit and vegetables use your eyes, your nose and your sense of taste. We can all tell the difference between a mouldy black strawberry and one which is just very ripe. Don’t be brainwashed by the packaging and eat what you can.
  5. Dust off your microwave. You might only use it to defrost things at the moment but have another go at cooking with it. The microwave method is highly energy efficient and actually you can get great results – Google microwave chocolate sponge pudding recipes, that’s all I’m saying!

These are all easy changes to make, so keep up the good work and add a comment if you come up with any other ideas to share.

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