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Greener motoring in ways you never thought of

We’re all aware of environmentally friendly ways of motoring – or at least we should be! The greenest of all ways is not to drive at all of course – and to try and walk or cycle everywhere, or at least to use public transport whenever you can.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

But this just isn’t practicable for many of us – particularly those of us with families to look after. Of course we can still keep our motoring to an absolute minimum. But there are times when only the car will do.

Now let’s assume you’ve already chosen an environmentally friendly car. Hybrid cars in the UK are an increasingly popular choice for family cars, particularly by those people who place the planet’s needs above their own.

This kind of choice also gives the right kind of messages to the kids. But even having made such a choice, you can still take it a bit further.

For a start, drive the car sensibly so as to save fuel and save on emissions. Now try not to carry anything you don’t need. Everything you transport adds weight to the journey, thus cutting down fuel efficiency and increasing carbon dioxide emissions.

And when you car has had it and it’s time for the scrap-yard, there are green ways of disposing of your car. In fact, it’s a legal requirement and can be quite a headache. Fortunately, there’s a great way of getting rid of your old banger, which is environmentally friendly and supports charities too.

If your car is worthless, or nearly worthless, then the Giveacar charity may well be the right solution for you – whereby the proceeds from the scrap value of your car go to the charity of your choice.

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