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Helpful Tips on Bird Watching

Feeding birds is a favorite activity of bird watchers. If there are plenty of birds around you, you can place bird feeders in places where you can see them feeding. You can start with a tubular feeder using black oil sunflower, and make sure to place a shiny pie pan underneath the feeder with some seeds to attract them. You can attract more birds if you add additional feeders and seeds.

Bird House

When setting up your bird feeder, you might want to add alternative foods such as fruits, mealworms, nectar and water to attract more species of bird. When bird watching, you will realize that the birds in your yard change with the seasons of the year, and as you become familiar with them, you would know the type of food suitable to give them. You can make your yard bird-friendly all throughout the year by providing not only food and water, but nest boxes as well near larger trees and shrubs. Keep your feathered-friends from cats by moving the feeder 3 feet away from windows and cats’ hiding places. Always keep the feeder clean and free from other debris that can be harmful to them.

Bird feeding is an enjoyable activity as bird watching, and you can take your hobby to the next level by exploring the local, state, and national parks and refuges, so that you will see other species of birds other than the ones in your backyard.

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