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Home Decorating Tips

Buying a new house is a matter of great happiness for the owner. Decorating it in your own way is even more pleasurable. Read the following article to know more about home decorating tips.

Home Decorating

So after contemplating for a long time, you have finally bought a new house. Moving into your new house can be a liberating experience and a landmark. So it goes without saying that you will love to decorate your news living space according to your own tastes and likings.

Work closely with the architect

Make sure that you work in close liaison with architects and interior designers in decorating up your new living space. If substitutions and adjustments need to be done, make sure you have your prior approval.

Small changes like adding an extra counter where kids can enjoy a snack or hidden shelves in the bathroom can have an impact on how the entire house looks. Here are some ways to decorate your new house.

Drapes and curtains

Windows comprise a good deal of wall space. You can transform these windows into ethereal landscapes. Sounds surprising? May be, but it’s true. If your living room overlooks natural surroundings, illuminate it by capturing and bouncing natural light through semi-transparent drapes. This will help you retain privacy as well as diffuse light and provide enough natural light to your room.

For decorating your bedroom you can use drapes of various materials like diaphanous synthetics, silk, organdy or even plain cotton. Textured materials like gauze, cheesecloth, muslin or voile can also be used especially if you are trying to dress up a room that is comparatively bare.

Once a window is properly decorated with drapes a billowing effect is created adding to the aesthetics of living.

Decorating the bedroom

Focusing on the bedroom is of considerable significance for this is where you end up spending most of the time. Opt for a new bedding to begin with and preferably a low rise bed. Use soft hues for colours then team it up with matching curtains. While choosing bed sheets and pillow covers are again opt for colours that add to the ambience creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Floral and prints are not only meant for bed covers and pillow covers. You can use them for other things such as a novel-shaped lampshade.

Colours and paints

Paints and colours are equally important. Be very selective while choosing colours. It is advisable that you stick to contrasting colours. If the ceiling is a bit low, you can try playing with a bit of optical illusions. This can make the room look a little more spacious. You can use vertical stripes as well. Even this can make wonders for the entire house. Depending upon the proportions of the room, make the stripes broader or thinner. If using bold colours be very careful with the contrasting base colour that you use.

Storage space

Make sure that you invest some time in creating a proper storage space. A storage space is comparatively cheap to install. A neat and tidy place to put things helps in maintaining the sanity of home. Invest some time and money in building up simple shelves, one or two book shelves, a chest or two. For example, if you have a huge collection of books, consider the idea of building a shelf across the wall. You can also build shelves around doors. Such structures can not only come handy but also help to enhance the beauty of your new house if they are constructed beautifully.

Big rooms can be compartmentalized by using various screens. Though not much in vogue these days, but you can always make the best use of it. Obviously you can customize the screen according to your own tastes and likings – stenciling, paintings, can come to the rescue in this regard.

Indoor plants

Yes, last but not the least; indoor plants can be used for decorating your house. They can be used anywhere as they require minimal outlay, group or stacked. Indoor plants do not only provide texture but also add to the visual appeal.

Integrating and carrying out new decorating ideas can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Therefore put in your best efforts and decorate your new house.


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