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Home, Office and Apartment Security: Common Weak Points

Burglars are some of the most intelligent criminals in the business. The best make it a career. They may be secretly casing your home or office for weeks before they attempt entry. Even with the best alarm systems, security screens and security doors, you may still be open to attack. Here is a look at what you should be on the watch for.

Security door system

  • Door Locking Systems. Burglars may pose pizza delivery or other people pretending to do a job for you. Having prior opportunity to inspect your security doors, locks and latching devices will be to their advantage. Many of them have worked in the field and be very familiar with what they are presented with. You need to keep an eye on anyone at the entrance of your home or office. If they are paying more attention than is required to your door or lock, you should be alarmed. The most complicated systems will deter the most. It doesn’t mean they do not have a solution for it.
  • Windows. Security screens are an absolute must. Only military grade glass can protect some of the options professional burglars will use. Acid and other chemicals that can melt glass are easily bought.
  • Power. It is obvious you need a power back-up for your alarm system, but there are few more questions you should be asking yourself. How long will my backup last? Is there potential for security breach during switch-over from one power source to another? The best systems will have extended backup power supply options that are hidden out of site.
  • Keys and Components. How easily can your keys be duplicated? This is an issue of real concern. The best keys and locks will be registered only allowing those with authority to duplicate them. Even your closest friends and colleagues may be planning something in advance. You can never be too careful. With strict measures in place you will never need to get paranoid.
  • Roof. Roofs are often the weakest point of any home. You must make sure you have taken the appropriate measures. Old fashioned tiles are particularly easy for burglars. If you want that tiled look, it is worth installing a second roof under your tiles.
  • Walls. If you are serious about securing your home and office, measures such as steel reinforcing will make a wall a lot harder to penetrate. Walls are often used as a final resort by determined thieves. They can plan noise distractions in advance.
  • Chimneys. A standard chimney is a highly preferred choice of burglars. Your chimney should not allow access to even the smallest child. Yes, they are known to employ them in their illegal activities.
  • Ventilation. Another access point that we often neglect. Air conditioning and exhaust fans could mean that your tangible defenses are actually wide open. Measures need to be taken to prevent unwanted entry.

Make sure you know your home, office or apartment is secure. And most of all, don’t broadcast your activities to anyone. Does the world need to know your every movement on Facebook? After you have made the structural changes to your security, work on your behavior and communication. Another common mistake made by many people.

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