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How to be green and secure in your home

Eco-friendly living is becoming an increasingly popular concept for people to embrace within their homes. If you’re keen to get in on the act, there are plenty of things you can do in your property to boost your green credentials and you won’t need to compromise on security along the way either.

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Recycling is the easiest way for you to try to be more environmentally friendly around your house. Once a month – or maybe even more frequently – you should be trying to get rid of all the bank statements, receipts and any papers which have your personal details on them. The best way of doing this is by using a shredder. Not only are paper shredders a fantastic way of disposing of documents so they don’t fall into the wrong person’s hands, but they’re also handy when it comes to recycling.

Instead of just throwing away paper after shredding it, you should be looking to recycle it. Doing this can really boost your green credentials – it takes far more energy to create paper from wood pulp than recycled material. You’ll be doing your bit to save trees from being cut down in rainforests around the world, which will ensure there’s still plenty of CO2 still in the air.

Whatever documents you’re not shredding need to be hidden away safely within your home, so criminals don’t manage to get hold of them. If you’ve got a lockable drawer, use that to store papers away safely. And, should you lose or have something like your driving licence stolen, you should contact the issuing organisation straight away.

So if you’re looking to be greener around the home, as well as protecting your personal information, investing in a shredder could well be the way forward.

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