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How To Be Green When Buying New Furniture

It’s sometimes difficult to marry up ideal of being a green citizen with owning a beautifully furnished home. There’s a guilt attached to buying new furniture when you have perfectly functional furniture already and you’re really only changing things for their look.


And when you think that during the last ten years, an area of forest greater than the size of Nepal has been destroyed each year, and that half of the world’s original forests have been destroyed in the last fifty years to feed our growing need for manufactured wooden items, it makes you feel even worse.

People choosing to live a greener life used to really have to think outside the box to find eco furniture. Now, however, with the advent of internet shopping and the increase in producers of eco furniture, not only are products more available, but they are also more reasonably priced.

Even mainstream stores are now stocking eco ranges, in all kinds of products. For example, some of the bedroom furniture from Furnishing Homes is crafted from reclaimed oak. Using reclaimed wood is a form of recycling as the wood is reclaimed from its original purpose – ship’s timbers, floor boards, etc – and brought back to a natural state before being used to manufacture new furniture.

Choosing items made of reclaimed wood is not only good for the environment, but you also benefit from the age and quality of the wood. There is a depth of colour and tone in older wood that you simply don’t find – without the use of stains at any rate – in newer wood.

Pretty much all wooden furniture can be found in reclaimed wood. Whether it’s a wardrobe, chest of drawers or a bed frame that you’re looking for, you can find different styles and inspiration on the Furnishing Homes blog – you might end up with oak furniture UK.

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