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How to Cut Your Gas Bill In Five Simple Steps

Gas prices are on the rise – every year it seems that we hear of energy companies boosting the price of gas and this year has been no exception, with many of the major suppliers opting to up the prices to consumers. With other financial cuts and difficulties at the moment, these bills can be difficult to afford.


However, it is possible to cut the amount of gas you use and therefore reduce your monthly bill. Start by following these five simple steps.

1) Check whether you are on the right tariff

Surprising maybe, but many people are actually paying too much because they are on the wrong tariff with their supplier. A number of energy companies have been in trouble because they have failed to inform their customers that they could be paying less, and this is something that the government has been reviewing recently. Make sure that you get in contact with your supplier to ensure you are on the right tariff, or maybe even compare whether a different provider can offer you a cheaper deal.

2) Make sure your home is insulated

A home that leaks warmth is inefficient and uneconomical. Make sure that it is working effectively by insulating your loft first and foremost as this is where most of the heat your home produces escapes from. You can even find government grants to help pay for this, though any money you do spend will be repaid by cheap gas bills in the long run. Also consider getting double-glazed windows if you don’t already have them.

3) Don’t have the heating on when you don’t need it

If you are out in the day yet have your heating set to come on then you are just throwing money away. Only have the heating on when you are in, or set it to come on 10 minutes before you are due to get home. Remember also to turn your heating off if you are going away for the weekend or any extended period. You also don’tneed to have the heating on overnight so if you are worried about being cold when you get up, set up to come on 20-30 minutes before you get up.

4) Replace your boiler to a more modern model

New boilers can be very expensive, however they are also far more economical than the older-style systems. It’s estimated that a new boiler can pay for itself within ten years as it will save you an average of £250 per annum on your gas bill.

5) Don’t cover your radiators with furniture

A big mistake that some people make is putting furniture such as sofas or beds in front of their radiators. This prevents the heat from effectively making its way around the rest of the room and warming it up. You’ll feel colder and set the thermostat to a higher setting as a result, meaning your bill will be higher than it should be.

About the author

Jason Highsmith is a professional financial advisor who give tips to consumers looking for cheap gas and electricity prices.


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