Green living: Save Our Earth By Living Green

How to develop environmentally friendly beauty routine

The Earth is our mutual home, so we have to appreciate its beauty and natural wonders. Experts at Organic Hair Salons NYC have prepared simple steps you can take to make your beauty routine more green:


1. Use home ingredients

You have no idea how many precious products you have in your kitchen. It’s time to upgrade your skincare regimen with the help of natural homemade recipes! Sugar in combination with essential oils can become a great exfoliator and keep your skin clean as well as lemon juice. Honey is famous for its nourishing, moisturizing, and antiseptic properties. Do research to find out more!

2. Dry your hair naturally

You should start drying your hair naturally for a plenty of reasons. Firstly, you will save some power and money you pay for electricity. Secondly, frequent exposure to heat isn’t beneficial to your hair, so you will protect your locks from possible damage. Although air drying takes more time, it’s healthier for your hair and the environment!

3. Recycle empty containers

If you use a huge number of different products in your beauty routine, it’s essential to recycle empty containers. Conditioner and shampoo bottles, toothpaste and makeup containers can and should be recycled. Learn what benefits you can achieve from trying to make this difference.

4. Minimize shampooing

According to experts at Organic Hair Salons NYC, frequent shampooing is a bad habit that harms your hair and the world around you. If you wash your locks too often, you’re very likely to upset the natural moisture balance and cause dryness; moreover, you waste so much water! Try to limit your washing frequency and give dry shampoo a try.

Stick to these simple rules to make a positive impact on our environment!




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