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How to Find an Eco-Friendly Home in Monterey California

With the new trend in eco-friendly cars, cleaning supplies and even homes, new homebuyers are worrying about the environment as well as the price tag. There are two main ways to buy an eco-friendly home. You can build one or you can buy an existing one. The greatest part about buying an existing one is that moving into an existing home is already a more eco-friendly decision than building something new. If you’re in the market for an existing eco-friendly home, there are a few things to look for.

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Many eco-friendly homes feature a sunroom. The difference between a sunroom in a normal house and one in a green home is simple: doors. If the sun room cannot be closed off from the main house by snugly fitted doors, you will have heat loss in the winter and warm air coming in in the summer. This causes the air conditioner or heater to run more than it should.

Check the Doors and Windows

It is always important to check the exterior doors of the home. Doors that do not fit snugly in the frame do not have a good weather seal around them. The weather seal plays an important role in your utility bill and how green your home is. Doors on tracks, such as sliding glass doors, are known for heat loss in the winter. It is ok if a home has one sliding glass door but if there are multiples throughout the house, you may want to look at a different house.

It is important to also check all of the windows throughout the home. You should make sure they open, close and are snug to the frame. Many homebuyers forget about checking windows and are surprised by the heat loss that occurs from them. Making sure the windows open may seem silly at first but fresh air will cut cooling costs and your carbon footprint. If the windows do not open you may be forced to run your air conditioning when it is not that hot outside.

Review the Utility Bills

Many sellers will have no problem handing over copies of their utility bill to someone who is seriously considering buying their home. It is important to ask for the utility bills especially when looking for an eco-friendly home as the bills will give you a good idea of how green it really is. If you are looking at a fairly small house but the utility bills are extremely high, you will know there is an issue somewhere. In addition to seeing how energy efficient the home is, you will also be able to anticipate how much you will be spending on utilities.

Look for Lots With Trees

Many times homebuyers are scared to buy a home with a lot of trees surrounding it. Trees in your yard are a good thing, especially trees that shed their leaves in the winter. These trees are perfect for providing shade over your home in the summer, keeping it naturally cool compared to a home on an open lot. In the winter the leaves will fall off allowing sunlight into the home to naturally warm it. The leaves can also be turned into mulch, perfect for the following spring when you plant your garden.

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