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How to Find an Environmentally Friendly Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Many homeowners focus on how they can transform their current homes to be more environmentally friendly, but it’s easier to choose a property that is already designed with sustainability in mind. Individuals that are focused on living greener lives should keep this in mind before purchasing a new home. Homebuyers should consider the following guidelines when searching for an environmentally friendly home within their budget.

Environmentally Friendly Home - How to Find an Environmentally Friendly Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Purchase Property with a South-Facing Roof

While many people don’t consider the direction a roof is facing, this is an important factor in choosing an environmentally-friendly home. Roofs that are south-facing are ideal for the installation of solar panels as homes in cities that are located in the northern hemisphere must be pointed south. By picking a property with a south-facing roof, homeowners will be able to install solar panels and take advantage of this sustainable energy source.

Buy a Newly Constructed Home

Future homeowners should focus on looking at new homes for sale rather than older ones. While older properties may be less expensive, homes that have been recently constructed tend to be more energy-friendly. These homes tend to be designed with energy efficiency in mind. Equipped with energy saving appliances and constructed with sustainable material, this type of home will make it that much easier to pursue one’s environmentally conscious goals.

Choose a Property with Ample Shade

Properties that are landscaped with large trees will help to maximize shade and improve your home’s energy conservation. Trees that are growing around your home can reduce cooling costs by 30%. Similarly, these trees can save between 20-50% of the energy you’d use to heat your home in the winter. Trees planted on the northern sides of the property will help break cold winter winds while the summer sun can be blocked by trees in the east, northwest, and west.

Invest in Larger Windows

More natural light will brighten up any home and limit the amount of energy one needs to use during daylight hours. In addition to making your home seem bigger and brighter, you’ll be able to improve air circulation as these sizable windows will provide homeowners’ with access to fresh air. Similarly, with the addition of energy effect window panes made of low-emissivity glass will block out sun rays by 90%.

Homeowners can do their part to protect the environment and live more sustainably by looking at new homes for sale designed to be environmentally friendly. Keep these four suggestions in mind as you look for the right house for your lifestyle.

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