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How to find cheap firewood in Sydney

If you regularly heat, you will want to seek cheap firewood in Sydney. The only reason why many of us use firewood in Blue Mountain is because we would like to save money, and also reduce heating bills. So, how can you find firewood delivery in Sydney that is inexpensive? Like it is the case with many other things in life, you are likely to get what you will be paying for. Here are a few tips you can use to lower the cost of your firewood and get a good deal on your purchase.

Firewoods - How to find cheap firewood in Sydney

What to consider when you are buying firewood

If you find a supplier of firewood in the Blue Mountains who offers cheaper rates than others, you will need to be cautious, and make sure that you have a good understanding of what you will be buying.  In most cases, they could be selling green firewood, soft firewood, or even rotten firewood for sale. The price is reduced as it is usually harder to sell as compared to the quality wholesale red gum firewood. This doesn’t mean that these kinds of firewood cannot be used.

Where to find cheap firewood

If you would like to get a great deal on your firewood in Sydney, there are a few tips that you need to follow:

Buy firewood online

We live in a world where everything we use is available on the Internet. Why don’t you use this platform to firewood for sale in Sydney? Various online classifieds and websites list firewood at a minimal price. The most important thing is to ensure you get quality and price.

Firewood permits

Most local governments make it possible to buy permits that allow cutting on the public land. If you would like to cut your firewood, this is a great option. However, you need to remember this will involve a lot of handworks. Also, the rules and regulations will differ depending on the jurisdiction, and therefore you will need to understand them before cutting.

Local sawmill

In case there is a sawmill in your area, you can probably find a lot of firewood at decent rates. Many pallet factories and sawmills usually have some leftover tailing or slab wood that is a good option for firewood. Remember some of these companies never advertise that they got firewood for sale. You will need to contact them locally and ensure you have gotten in touch with their offices.

Start by locating where the closest sawmill is. After finding it, visit and speak with the owner. Many sawmills have some rough slabs stacked somewhere. These are usually thick firewood that is cut with the bark still in it that cannot be used for making some quality products. After speaking with the owner, find out if they will allow you to collect the slabs for free. Most of them will not have a problem doing that as you will be helping to clean their sawmill. Others may require you to pay a small fee which will still be cheaper as compared to buying firewood.

Buy Redgum Firewood in Wholesale

When you order bulk firewood quantities from the suppliers, this can be an excellent option for buying cheap firewood. This is because paying cash or buying in bulk will help you save money. The company may not advertise discounts for bulk buying. However, when you ask, you will be surprised that they can give you the discount you are looking for.

Green firewood

This is the wood that hasn’t been seasoned, and you are not able to burn it immediately. But by planning, it is possible to buy green firewood at a low price before stacking it well in a nice place to dry. You should bear in mind that this will only work well where you have planned early enough. In most cases, firewood will take a whole season to dry. This means that if you buy green firewood in October, and plan to use in December, this will not work.

Place an ad on wanted firewood

You can place an ad in the local newspaper that you are searching for some free firewood. You may be amazed by the number of people who would like you to help remove firewood from their property or offer it at less price.

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  • Thanks some interesting information here, never thought about buying wood online, but makes sense and would prob be easier. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great post enjoyed reading. Always looking for ways to lower costs so good points thx

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