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How to Get By If Your Appliances Break Down

You don’t really realise how much you rely on your appliances until one of them happens to break down. If your Westinghouse fridge was to stop working how would you cope without having somewhere to keep your food cold? One of the most important things you should do, in case you are to ever find yourself in such a situation, is to make sure that you contents insurance is kept up to date, that way your insurance can cover the cost of repairs or replacing the machine.

Washing machine
If your washing machine was to break down it is easy enough to take your clothes down to the nearest laundromat. Make sure you take plenty of gold coins and a good book or magazine to read because it can be a bit time consuming sitting waiting for a load of washing. If you are unable to get out of the house to do this because you have young children to care for or you work full time, you might be able to make use of a friends or family members machine in the short term until you can get yours repaired or replaced. If all these options are not available to you then you can wash your clothes by hand. Buy some good laundry soap and either use your laundry sink or if bigger items you can wash them in the bath. You will find that hand washed items will take longer to dry because it is hard to squeeze all the water out of them and you can’t get quite as much water out of your clothes as your spin cycle on your washing machine does.

It is not the end of the world if your dishwasher breaks down, it just means you need to do your dishes the old fashioned way, by hand. To get the best results when hand washing dishes you need to have your water as hot as possible, so you will need rubber gloves. You don’t need to use much detergent and if you don’t have a drying rack it would be a good idea to buy one. They aren’t expensive and can be bought from the supermarket.

If your Westinghouse fridge breaks down you need to work quickly to transfer everything into an esky it keep it cool before it spoils. You can buy ice from petrol station, which you should place around the items in your esky. Stand the esky in your bath as your bathroom is usually the coolest room in the house and if your esky happens to leak the water is only going to run down the plug hole.

Hot water service
If your hot water service breaks down this can be a huge inconvenience, particularly in winter, but you can manage without it in the short term. If you can handle cold showers then by all means jump right on in, but you can boil the kettle and heat water on the stove so that you can have a warm bath. You could also use the shower at the gym or local swimming pool, although you will have to pay for the privilege. While you are there you might as well go for a swim or do a workout.

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