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How to Have a Merry Green Christmas

In the past, the two words “green” and “Christmas” conjured up images of holly wreaths and evergreen trees. Today, they mean celebrating the holidays while respecting the environment. Here are five simple ways to make merry at Christmas and keep the ecosystem happy as well.

Christmas gifts

1) Go Group Shopping
Instead of wasting paper by carting around shopping bags from a variety of stores, carry your own cloth bags to transport your treasures. Keep receipts in a separate compartment to keep track of your purchases. Instead of everyone driving separate cars emitting pollution and other airborne  toxins into the environment, why not gather your friends and family together and carpool to do your holiday shopping? Better yet, if you log onto you’ll save time, money, and gas.

2) Send E-Cards and Gifts
Greeting cards are a time-honored Christmas tradition that help us embrace loved ones who live far away. Today thanks to the modern marvel of email, you can accomplish the same thing. Paperless sentiments are just as heartfelt and genuine. Send a slide show of photos from your family’s excursions throughout the year. You could even add music and narrate it yourself. Imagine your friends’ delight hearing your voice on Christmas morning.

Your gifts can also be environmentally responsible. If you’ve tended to your own garden throughout the warmer months of the year, you can make homemade gifts such as pumpkin bread, jam, jelly, and other decadent treats with the foods you’ve grown. There are also a number of online sites where you can purchase eco-friendly items toys and jewelry made from recycled materials, and educational gifts that help save the environment.

3) Trim With LED Lights
Christmas delights mean festive lights, right? Well, instead of using incandescent lighting, you’ll find that LED holiday lights use less energy, don’t burn out or break, and can save you money in the end. They also come in a host of warm colors to use outside or to string around your Christmas tree.

4) Replant Holiday Trees
For many families, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without gathering together to decorate a tree. So exactly how do you find a tree that is environmentally-friendly? How about renting one? A company in Oregon actually rents Christmas trees to consumers who don’t want to cut one down. Artificial trees are also an alternative, but some of them are made with toxic chemicals and petroleum products. You might also consider purchasing a live tree and planting it in your yard after the holidays. Thus you’re being kind to Mother Nature and enjoying the true meaning of the season.

5) Cater Healthy Parties
Entertaining is a major part of the holiday season and keeping it as environmentally-friendly as possible is easy when hosting get-togethers. Instead of mailing invitations, you can email them to your family, friends, and co-workers. You can also prepare your meals using organic food items that are grown by farmers within your own community. If you prefer to use disposable plates, look for bio-degradable paper plates instead of plastic.

The list of green holiday possibilities is endless.  Because so many people are realizing the importance of going green, you’ll have a host of offerings at your fingertips. And you’ll be able to expand on this wisdom with your own innovative eco-friendly ideas. Have a merry green Christmas!
Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is a new “green” enthusiast who hopes this article will encourage readers to go-green for the holidays. She’s especially excited about which offers a lot of eco-friendly gift-giving options.

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