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How to Improve the Look of Your Pool Area

There are lots of things you can do to improve the look of your pool area. If you have just put in your pool have a think about what you can do to the surrounding area. You can turn your whole backyard into a fantastic area for entertaining and you will find that during the warmer months you will use this area all the time. Visit a pool supplies store for all the extras you need for your pool, like chemicals and an automatic vacuum, which will save you a lot of hard work and effort in cleaning.

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Every outdoor area needs a barbecue, and if you have a pool you can make this whole area central to your entertaining. You will find that you will have friends over a lot more often when you have a pool, and having a barbecue is an easy way to cook for lots of people. Make the barbecue the centre of your entertainment area so that the chef is included when people come over to socialise. You can even build one as a permanent fixture and have space to put trays of meat, barbecue tools and other bits and pieces.

Create some shade out by your pool area with a veranda. Have this cover your whole entertainment area and keep your outdoor furniture under cover as it will help protect it from the weather and it will last longer. You can also train climbing roses or other creepers to grow up the side of your veranda to improve the look of it. With people being more aware of the importance of staying protected from the sun, it is a good idea to build a veranda to provide some shade.

You might not decide to pave the whole area, but certainly have some sort of flooring around your barbecue area or under the veranda. Most people tend to have some sort of paving around the edges of their pool. Choose something that suits the colours of the brickwork or weather boards on your house, and if you have children you might want to go for something that doesn’t get slippery when wet. There are plenty of options, including timber decking, concrete, tiles or paver’s. You might even want to leave an area of lawn next to the pool for sitting on.

Pool house
If you have the space and the budget a pool house makes a great addition to your pool area. Usually situated at the bottom end of the pool away from the main house, a pool house could include anything from just a toilet and shower, or have a whole entertainment area with lounges, a bar, a pool table, a bathroom or an open fire place so you can make use of it during winter. A pool house should give you somewhere to store towels, sunscreen and your pool equipment and pool toys, as well as have a toilet and shower, which is handy because it means people won’t be wandering through your main house with wet feet and bathers to use your amenities.

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