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How To Make The Transition To A Green Lifestyle

Switching to a green lifestyle will enable you to have a positive impact on your local environment, and you’ll rest easier at night knowing that you are taking steps to help preserve the planet’s natural resources for your descendants. After all, unless more people adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, the earth will not be a very hospitable home for future generations. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to make the transition to a green lifestyle.

How To Make The Transition To A Green Lifestyle

1. Hire a Life Coach – Most people struggle to achieve even the most modest goals. A commitment to make such a huge lifestyle change might require some lifestyle-support. Enter the life coach. A life coach will help you determine the best way to set and achieve each of your goals, and this will make it much easier to get through the transitional period.

Maggie Marie, is a life coach Lexington Kentucky residents have learned to trust and says, “I coach people who are wanting to improve their health and happiness.” She and coaches like her can help put you on track to improve your health and increase your happiness by living in harmony with your environment.  Your life coach can help you analyze each aspect of your life to help you decide what you can change or eliminate in order to embrace this new way of living.

2. Start Recycling – It should be relatively easy for you to make this earth-friendly lifestyle change if your town has a curbside recycling program. However, you should still make the effort to recycle even if you do not have one of these programs available in your area. In order to reduce your carbon footprint, store your recyclables in an out-of-the-way location, such as your garage or basement, and take them to a recycling center once a month.

3. Utilize Solar Power – Even if you live in an area that does not get a lot of sun, you can still install solar panels to help make your home more energy efficient. You can use solar power to take care of everything from outside lighting to indoor appliances. Even if you only use solar power in one portion of your yard, it will still help the environment and reduce your energy bills.

4. Bike to Work – If you’re fit enough and your job is close enough, consider riding a bicycle to work at least once a week. You’d be amazed at how many miles you’ll cover each month, how many calories you’ll burn, how many co-workers you’ll inspire, and how much your carbon footprint will shrink–right along with your waist-band.

5. Switch to LED Lighting – Simply switching the lighting in your home to LED bulbs is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly. You can also use CFL lights to reduce your energy consumption, and some electric companies offer them for free.

It is estimated that more than 207,000 households have taken themselves completely off the grid by using solar and wind power. Although you might not be able to go this far, depending on your location, you can still make a difference by recycling, using LED light bulbs, biking to work, and using solar power for some of your energy needs.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is a green-newbie who’s excited about the prospect of completing the transition to a green lifestyle. She knows from personal experience that putting yourself in the hands of a mentor for support, and finding a life coach Lexington Kentucky based or one in your area, is a great way to set realistic lifestyle goals and meet them.

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