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How to make your living room more eco friendly

With energy prices rising and the effects of the recession continuing to hit families around the country, there’s never been a better reason to try and green your home.

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If you want to embrace a more eco-friendly living space, here are some simple tips to help you out.

Look for energy-efficient appliances and devices to go in the room. When it comes to choosing a TV, go for an LCD or LED one instead of a plasma screen. Tests have suggested that plasmas use more energy when turned on and if you use your device often, you’re likely to really notice the difference.

The accessories to go with your TV, such as DVD players and digi-boxes, can also have varied green credentials. Since they all need electricity to power them, it’s worth looking for the most energy-efficient devices on the market in order to save some much-needed money on your bills each month. Some things, such as Sky boxes, have a button you can press which makes it inactive when it’s not in use, and doing this can help the environment.

If you’re really trying to save the planet, you could look for a sofa or sofa bed for the room which is made from sustainable or renewable resources. While this is unlikely to save you money, it’ll help you do a little bit more for the environment.

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Try and find energy-efficient lightbulbs for your room as well, in order to make some savings on your consumption. Something like 15 per cent of your electricity bill is accounted for by lighting, so you’d be wise to make the switch to eco-friendly options here. Energy-saving lightbulbs last longer as well, so you really will make some savings in the long term.

Whether you’re trying to be more eco friendly to save money on your bills, or help the environment, these tips are bound to help you achieve your goal.

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