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How to Make Your Pool Deck More Inviting

A pool with a deck is a very inviting place in your home.  It is a great place to relax and hang out with your family, and a wonderful place to entertain your guest.  But one can make their pool deck more inviting, using a few tips and techniques. These tips will allow your pool to be the talk of the neighborhood, a place that everyone will envy.



Landscaping is a wonderful way to improve the look and the feel of a pool deck.  Landscaping allows the formation of the deck to be softened, creating an oasis.  Adding some lush plants will give the area a focal point that guests will be in awe of.  Choose plants that will not shed, as this debris can get into the pool, creating a mess.  Look for plants that do not attract lots of bees or other pests as well.  Plants that can withstand pool chemicals should also be high on the lists, since you will be adding chemicals to your pool from time to time.  And always look for how much shade a plant will give off.  If you have too many plants that give off an abundance of shade, the pool will not be allowed to warm up in the sun, creating a chilly pool.

If you have a fence, think about planting a climbing plant.  This will cover the fence and create more of the oasis feeling. Vary the heights of the plants by using raised planter boxes.  Creating a privacy wall with a trellis is an excellent way to make the pool area very inviting. Try adding a pergola or an arbor with many vines crawling up it as a way to beautify the deck.  Retractable awnings also make a nice addition for those hot days when the sun is beating down and one needs the comfort of some shade.

Trees can also be planted around the pool deck to give off shade and some privacy.

Furniture and Lighting

Furniture can make a pool area seem more inviting as well.  Place a group of chairs around a table with an umbrella  for a place to eat at while sitting around the pool.  Place a few lounge chairs in the sun for guest to lay out in.  Benches with waterproof padding on them are comfortable, and can accommodate may guests at once.  They can be placed along a fence line to add beauty to the pool deck area.  Wicker furniture always looks great in a pool area as well.  Have places that are in the sun and also in the shade to make everyone using the pool area happy.  Waterproof pillows are also a great way to make the deck cozy.

Adding some lights to the pool area will make the deck feel like home.  There are many versions out now that are waterproof and weatherproof, that are just as stylish as the ones you would find in a home. Solar lights are great for the general pool area, and will throw off enough light when it gets dark out.


Fountains make a great addition to the pool area.  They can be placed in the pool themselves, or built on the deck.  Fountains can be expensive, but there are many great do it yourself versions that allow  just as much beauty at a fraction of the price.  The soothing sound that a fountain brings cannot be passed up.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to add to a pool area.  This will add a way to truly entertain your guests without having to leave the pool area.  Outdoor kitchens can be equipped with pretty much anything. Add a countertop to prep food on, with a sink for easy cleanup.  A grill can be added to cook food on, and a refrigerator to keep food and drinks cold.


Consider adding a fireplace to your deck area to entertain.  It can be a fireplace or even a fire pit.  Imagine swimming at night, and then curling up to the fire to warm up and dry off while roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.  It just does not get any better than that. Both of these two will allow the deck to be used for more than just swimming.

There are many great pool deck ideas  to make a deck more inviting.  Lighting and furniture, plants and trees, fireplaces.  The possibilities are really endless when you think about it.  So start thinking about your dream oasis, and plan what you want.  The sky is the limit on your backyard pool deck.

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