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How to Make Your Septic Tank More Eco-Friendly

If you’re not hooked up to a city sewer system, then you likely have a septic system in your yard. This system houses all the waste from your home and requires pumping every few years to clear out. Here are a few different ways you can do your best to be eco-friendly when it comes to taking care of your septic system.

Septic Tank - How to Make Your Septic Tank More Eco-Friendly

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Sometimes there are clogs in the drains that need to be cleared out. It can be very tempting to head to your local store and pick up the first drain cleaner you find. Most drain cleaners come with harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your septic system. These chemicals interfere with the natural breakdown of waste in your tank. Instead, opt for eco-friendly drain cleaners which are free of harsh chemicals. You can find these drain cleaners in most stores, just simply look on the label for an eco-friendly logo.

Mind What You Flush

Toilet paper, water, and waste should be the only things that get flushed down your toilet. All of these things are biodegradable. When you flush down other items that are not biodegradable it can lead to clogs in your septic system. Some items that you should avoid flushing are diapers, feminine products, wet wipes, cooking grease, pills, and cigarette butts. These tend to be the biggest offenders when it comes to problems related to septic tanks.

Regular Maintenance

You can make your septic tanks more environmentally-friendly just by having regular maintenance performed. Your system should be pumped regularly and checked by the sewage professional for any leaks. If your system is currently leaking, the water leaking out of it will likely be contaminated. This contaminated liquid can seep into the underground water supply, making it contaminated.

Use Recycled Materials

If you’re having a new septic system installed, you can do a lot to keep it green. Many septic tank installers are now using recycled materials to construct various parts of the system. From recycled plastic piping to reclaimed stones for the drain field, there are many ways that a new septic system can be made green.

While ensuring that your septic system is working properly is your biggest priority, having an eco-friendly septic system should be a close second. The two priorities tend to overlap each other. If you opt for the environmentally-friendly tactics above, your septic tanks will be working at its most optimal performance level.

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