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How to Protect Your Honda Generators

Honda is one of the leading generator manufacturers in the world. Honda generators are characterized by quality materials, quality workmanship, great reliability, and quiet operation. For these reasons, Honda generators do not come cheap. It is important that you protect your generator so that it can give you value for money.

Honda Generator

Honda carefully chooses authorized dealers who are well-trained and experienced in dealing with Honda products. You should only go to such local authorized dealerships for repairs on your Honda generator, for parts, and for accessories. Authorized dealers have OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, meaning you will be sure there will be no compatibility problems and of the highest standards. All repairs should be done in an authorized dealership because this will ensure you warranty will not be void. You will also be sure that the person working on your generator has the relevant experience and training – a quark could exacerbate the problem.

Protect your Honda generator by using it properly. Consider manufacturer’s recommendations and only use the generator for the intended use and with the specified load. You should use the specified fuel to prevent damage. Ensure you know how the generator works as this will ensure you use the right settings. Understanding how the generator works will help you prevent such mistakes as using a parallel kit instead of paralleled cables. Understanding how the generator sounds on normal operation is important because you will easily notice whenever there is a potential problem.

Generators are meant to be located outside the house, but you should never leave your generator exposed to the elements. Consider constructing a protective canopy to protect it in case of rain. You should, however, be careful not to block the exhaust.

Consider tying your Honda generator down on a fixture to prevent theft or dislodging during a storm. You could use metal shackles for this and then use a padlock. You could also build a metal enclosure. You could also prevent theft by ensuring that it does not stand out (such as by locating it in the backyard instead of the front yard).

Ensure that the ground on which the generator is set is always dry to prevent short circuits and electrocution. You should, therefore, ensure that the area drains properly. You could do tests to determine if there is accumulation of puddles after rain.

You should always call the authorized dealership to ask about anything you do not understand. You could also get all the information you need from Honda’s official website or from such online communities as blogs and discussion forums that discuss Honda generators.

Another way to protect your Honda generator is ensuring that only authorized persons use it. If several persons are authorized to use the generator, ensure that they know everything there is to know about the generator.

You should take your Honda generator for regular repairs, even when there is no apparent problem. A professional will be able to do troubleshooting and he/she will capture minor problems before they exacerbate.

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