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How To Save Money Going Green In Your Remodel

With more people committed to being eco-friendly in their work and personal lives, it’s no wonder that many home remodeling crews today prefer to use only green building materials. When you want to remodel your home, yet have no idea what green materials are available to you or how to find them economically, you can contract with a local contractor and their crew and follow these professionals’ recommendations.

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By relying on this advice, you can enjoy your home’s remodeled appearance and comfort, knowing that you have included cleaner, more responsible materials in your work.

Recycled Wood
When demolition crews tear down old homes and buildings, they often try to salvage as many of the building materials as possible. Materials like bricks, shingles, and wood that are still in good condition are often recycled and sold for reuse in the home improvement market.
 If you want to use materials that were not derived from existing natural resources, you may consider using recycled wood in your home remodeling. Recycled wood has been recreated and is sturdy, free from pests, and strengthened to look and feel like new wood. You can save money when you invest in this material, and you can also take pleasure in knowing that you are using a material that has not been cut from new forest wood.
Recycled WallpaperLike wood, eco-friendly wallpaper is also available for home remodelers who want to minimize their works’ impact on the environment. Wallpaper made from recycled paper looks and feels the same as brand new wallpaper. However, it is a greener option and more appealing to people who want to avoid using new paper made from trees. Recycled wallpaper is often printed or colored to offer the same appeal as its newer counterpart. It is also easy to hang and durable to last for years.

Eco-Friendly Windows

Along with using recycled materials, you may want to include new fixtures that will keep your heating and cooling expenses low. Your windows are prime examples of fixtures that could help keep your home warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer, and allow you to minimize the amount of energy you use to cool or heat your house. Economically beneficial windows that are curved or tinted could reflect the sun’s heat and brilliance better than flat, standard windows. Likewise, windows that are sealed well with caulk or rubber sealant also can keep out cold winds during the winter.

Ceramic Roofing

Traditional styles of roofing, like asphalt shingles or shingles made out of wood, often have a detrimental effect on the environment. Both of these examples are made out of natural resources that are in short supply.

When you want a better option for roofing your house, you may consider using ceramic tiles. These tiles are crafted from mud and water and are fired to be strong and durable. Ceramic tiles often appear in a wide variety of colors. You can roof your house while knowing that your roof is not made from petroleum or wood that has been taken from diminishing forests. Even more, when you choose ceramic tiles, save time and expense by hiring a crew which knows how to install this kind of roof.
Roofing a home, even one that is eco-friendly, can be dangerous work if you are unaccustomed to this project. Hiring professionals can help you avoid home remodeling accidents that could add to the overall cost of the undertaking. According to information at, “Most construction site accidents are caused by negligence, carelessness, or lack of adherence to established safety practices,” so be careful you hire professionals to do your remodel, green materials or not.Today, with such a vast variety of choices when it comes to exterior and interior building materials, it’s easy to safely and economically renovate and modernize your home while being eco-friendly too.
Molly Pearce writes this post to offer fresh ideas for ‘green’ families looking to do a remodel in their home. She turned to for her research on safety during construction and remodeling projects that save consumers money.

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