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How to vacuum while saving the environment!

Saving the environment while keeping the house clean can sometimes seem like a slightly arduous task. However, there are certain green products and green tips that can be followed while vacuuming and cleaning your house.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
Photo: Robert Scarth

One tip that you should always follow is to take a close look at the decibels that will be produced by your vacuum cleaner. When it comes to the environment, it isn’t just air pollution that we should be doing our best to reduce; noise pollution is also an issue in many towns and cities throughout the world. Vacuum cleaners that produce more than around 68 decibels should be avoided wherever possible.

The filters in your vacuum cleaner should always by changed regularly, even if you think they aren’t too clogged and can go another few weeks. Err on the side of caution with this, get into the habit of changing your bag or filter, and you’ll find that you’ll improve the suction of your product and also cut down on energy usage considerably. Regularly changing filters and keeping an eye on their condition will mean your product should last longer than would otherwise be the case, which will also save you money, a handy thing when you take into account how expensive other household products such as tumble dryers can be!

Always do whatever you can to reduce the need to use a machine that requires energy such as a vacuum cleaner around the house. Have at least two sturdy mats at your front door, one outside and one just inside the door, as these will catch dirt that will otherwise come off on your carpets. Make sure you use a duster regularly, even in the corners of your rooms where you think nobody looks, as this will also reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll ensure that you can still have a clean and tidy house while knowing that you’ve done your bit for the environment, which is always a good thing!

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