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How Your Garden Can Increase the Value of Your Home

As well as making your home look better a garden can increase its value when you go to sell. Having a garden can increase the value of your property by thousands of dollars depending on what you do to improve your outdoor area. Conveyancing services can give you advice on how to increase the value of your home before you go to sell it. Other additions like solar panels for your home or a swimming pool can add value too and can even be added to your investment property in Sydney to increase rental returns.

Trees and plants - How Your Garden Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Trees and plants

A visit to the nursery will confirm just how expensive trees and plants can be, and if you spend up and buy a lot for your garden, often it seems that when you get them home they make hardly any difference to what is in your garden. Established trees take time to grow, so when you move into a home if it needs a garden get to work on it straight away, at least planting trees and plants first so they have time to grow to a decent size before you think about selling your property.


If you have built a new home in a new residential area it is likely that you will have to have boundary fences built. The cost of your boundary fences will be shared between you and your neighbour so you will need to talk to them about which fencing company you want to go with and style that you want. You might want to include gates through to the back garden, which will be all your own expense.

Retaining walls

If your land is on a slope you may need to build retaining walls. You can do them yourself or most fencing companies can do retaining walls as well. A retaining wall will give you added interest to your garden as it creates extra levels for you to put in plants or flowers. As a structure it will add significant value to your property making it great for people looking for investment property Sydney and beyond.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is something that will definitely add value to your home and will also give your family and friends plenty of enjoyment. You will need to also pave the area around the pool or put in timber decking. You also need to have a safety fence around the pool and a child proof gate. A pool will add value but you also find when you go to sell your home that some people are turned off your home because they don’t like pools or don’t want to have to look after it.

Outdoor entertaining area

Having an outdoor area for entertaining is an advantage when you go to sell your property and in the mean time you will get a lot of use out of it. Think about putting up a veranda or covered area over paving or decking. As well as a barbecue outdoor kitchens are becoming popular with people installing bench space for preparing food and a bar fridge for drinks.

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