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Is Your Home Following These 4 Eco-Friendly Plumbing Practices?

When you go to build or remodel your home, chances are you pay a lot of attention to the decor, the appliances, and about a hundred other things. But how can you make sure that the plumbing meets eco-friendly standards and will prove to be a worthwhile investment for years to come? Following these four eco-friendly plumbing practices can help you save a significant amount on your bills, and they’re environmentally friendly, as well.

Plumbing heating

Updated Appliances

If you’re using an old water heater, you are definitely paying more than you need to in water bills. Make sure you update all of your plumbing and water-related appliances, as modern models adhere to greener standards than those of the past. From the water heater to the dishwasher, the more appliances you can update to energy-efficient and green models, the more you’ll save.

Down the Drain

Your toilet uses an incredibly large amount of water if it’s one of the traditional toilets that you’ve probably used for years. Those old models guzzle water and add to your water bills. By ensuring your new or remodeled home has an updated toilet model, you’ll be able to see a dramatically lower water bill, and is much kinder to the environment, as well.


Make sure you’re installing low-flow shower heads. You might love the shower heads that have fifty different settings and stream water in many different ways, but they’re incredibly wasteful. Low-flow shower heads have been modernized to work and feel very much the same as your old shower heads, but while using a lot less water. By using these show heads, you’ll likely save yourself up to 25 percent on your water bills! Not only that, but your heating bills will also decrease, since you can’t heat water that isn’t being used.

Grey Water Recycling System

Ever wonder what happens to all that water that goes down the drain when you wash your hands or take a shower? Unfortunately, what you see it do is all it does – go right down the drain. Sadly, 80 percent of that water could, and should, be reused. Fortunately, there are now grey water recycling systems you can have added to your plumbing system that capture this water and reuse it in other places – for instance, your toilet. By pumping that water back into your toilet system and other areas of your home, you can essentially double your savings.

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