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Know about the preventive methods of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer has become a serious and growing problem. In United States, as per the Oral Cancer Foundation, a person dies from oral cancer every hour. Over 100 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed every day. Oral and pharyngeal cancer is the sixth most common tumor reported globally.

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Symptoms of oral cancer

It can include White or red scrapes in your mouth, slack teeth, oral bleeding. One has to keep in mind that these symptoms do not mean you have cancer. There are many people who suffer with these similar issues but that are not cancerous at all. The most important thing to consider while facing the above issues is schedule an appointment with your dentist. A dentist will not treat oral cancer but quickly heal other disease and after examination if there will any sign of oral cancer dentist will refer you to oral cancer specialist.

Types of Cancers

Basically, there are two types of oral cancers; one, which is caused by tobacco and alcohol and for other HPV, is responsible which leading cause of Oral Cancer, is. Oral Cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed in the early stages. To remove Oral cancer not only surgery is the option, there are many other treatments available like radiation therapy and chemotherapy depending upon the case of the patient.

Oral cancer can lead to teeth loss thus it is advisable to get teeth whitening reviews , which can be addressed after the cancer treatment. The Oral Cancer Foundation and dentists across the US are creating awareness by initiating screening programs to identify oral cancer in the early stages so that patients can be survived.

Originating in the mouth and lips, about 90% of oral cancer cases are carcinomas. These are malignant neoplasm which disseminates rapidly within cavum, venous sinus and to the head and neck. The fatality rate for carcinoma is 35% and the reason for low mortality rate is that because most cases are not discovered at earlier stages. The key to avoid this dreaded disease always is prevention.

Following are some experienced risk factors and methods to prevent oral cancer.

Check for the history of head and neck cancer because these are much prone to develop another cancer type or any other common disease in head and neck.
Avoid smoking because this is the number one cause for oral cancer. Tobacco products like cigarette or cigars all prone to cancer.

Alcohol also contributes to oral cancer and excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks can fasten the growth of cancer by three folds than those of non drinkers.
UV rays can damage our skin especially our lips where cancer tissue develops. Always take umbrella or wear hat while you are outdoor and protect your facial area to prevent harmful UV rays. And htose who smoke regularly are prone to high risk of this type of cancer.

Numerous studies prove the correlation of HPV and oral cancer. Make an effort to put off this sexually transmitted virus to get rid of any unwanted complexities like oral cancer.

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