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Let There Be Light: Modern Eco-Friendly Illumination

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb over a hundred years ago, people have been relying on these little bulbs to keep homes and offices bright all through the evening. For most of the past hundred years, light bulb design changed very little from Edison’s first creation. With concern for the environment growing, however, many people are looking for new ways of getting light that sap up less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Recently, some startlingly creative designers have stepped up to the plate with a few truly ingenious lighting solutions that are both greener and keep homes lit at night. This article will look at a few of the most exciting advancements in lighting design in recent years.

Street Light

Energy Seed

The Energy Seed street lamp offers a creative solution to both energy consumption and environmentally hazardous used batteries. These lamps are great for gardens, and come with a hole in which used alkaline batteries are dropped through. The lamp will then use the leftover energy in those batteries to stay lit, thus making sure the chemicals in those batteries are kept away from landfills.

Fiber Optic Wallpaper

Who says light should only come from bulbs? Designer Camilla Diedrich has broken the mold by creating wallpaper that also emits light. The floral designs of the wallpaper cast a romantic luminescent glow over rooms, and are much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. While still in development, don’t be surprised if future bedrooms get their light from the wallpaper rather than from the lamps.

Advanced Daylight Technology

For those who work in windowless offices, being deprived of sunlight all day is downright depressing, not to mention environmentally wasteful due to all that extra lighting required during the day. UK company Sunportal is changing all that by creating advanced daylight technology that collects sunlight and them pumps it through even the darkest interior spaces through long pipes. This technology has the potential to not only save vast amounts on electricity, but to also keep office workers much happier.

Wooden Light Bulb

No, that is not a typo, there actually is such a thing as a wooden light bulb. Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada used traditional Japanese wood design and LED technology to create a light bulb that combines the best of the old world with the new. This LED light is encased in a very thin wooden shell which allows light to seep through. As such, it addresses two criticisms that LED lights have usually faced: one, that the light they emit is too harsh, and, two, that they are just not attractive enough. The wooden light bulb offers a warm glow to any room, and the unique design is bound to become a topic of conversation for any house guest.

For such a seemingly simple device as the light bulb, one would not expect to see such a wide range of creative designs surrounding it. But whether it’s through fiber optic wallpaper or a wooden light bulb, the way homes are getting their light is changing rapidly. The designs above show that creativity and environmental protection often go hand-in-hand when it comes to even the simplest of concerns.

Lily Stopford is a home decorator with a passion for saving the planet. When she has time, she enjoys blogging about her insights online.

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