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Lower the Cost of Ownership By Driving Efficiently

Gas mileage has a direct impact on a vehicle’s cost of ownership. In order to keep the fuel consumption to a minimum, drivers are encouraged to practice efficient driving strategies. Here are some very simple ways to save fuel.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid

Light pressure on the gas pedal.
Applying too much pressure on the accelerator will definitely lower the vehicle’s gas mileage. When accelerating from a standstill, try to keep the tachometer below 3000 rpm. The will help the vehicle to obtain the best possible fuel economy in the city.

Compare the vehicle’s gas mileage.
Before taking ownership of a new ride, it is always a good idea to use a car comparison guide to check out each prospective vehicle’s fuel economy. It is also advisable to read the online reviews that are posted by current owners. This will give the shopper insight on the vehicle’s real world gas mileage.

Maintain the correct tire pressure.
A tire gauge is a very convenient tool that every car owner should keep on hand. Driving on a set of under-inflated tires can cause a significant decline in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Due to the increased friction on the road, the engine is forced to work even harder.

Avoid speeding.
Driving at a speed of 75 miles-per-hour is not very efficient. Most vehicles tend to get the best gas mileage when traveling under 60 mph. If the vehicle is traveling at an excessive rate of speed, it must overcome the effects of wind resistance. Remember to only use cruise control when driving on relatively flat roads.

Avoid idling for long periods of time.
Some drivers think that it’s a good idea to warm up the engine. However, this unnecessary practice wastes a lot of fuel. Modern vehicles are engineered to be driven shortly after cranking the engine. A good rule of thumb is to avoid allowing the engine to idle for longer than 45 seconds.

In order for a vehicle to obtain the optimum fuel efficiency, it must be properly maintained.

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