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Natural Light: 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Home

Brightening up your home doesn’t have to involve leaving the lights on or using more electricity–can be done in a manner that’s also eco-friendly. Some solutions are easier to achieve than others when it comes to your home makeover. Here are just a few of the ideas that you can use that will allow you to brighten your home in an eco-friendly manner.

Light - Natural Light: 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Home

Lighten Your Walls

The paint on your walls goes a long way in affecting the lightness of each room. Selecting a color that’s lighter can reflect more of the natural light back into the interior of your home. Select a paint that’s low or offers zero VOC’s so that you can help the environment as well. Many of these new paints only require one coat in order to provide your home with a new level of freshness. Go with a semi-gloss or gloss in order to maximize your lightness factor.

Refinish Your Floors

Your floors play another large part in the lightness of your home. Darker floors and some types of carpeting will absorb the light and give the appearance of the room being darker. Select a type of flooring that’s light and bright. There are even types of wood flooring that are more eco-friendly in nature because they’re considered sustainable. If you currently have wood floors in your home, refinishing them in a lighter color can also help.

Install Power Saving Lighting

LED light bulbs use significantly less power than incandescent and even fluorescent models. The good things about them is that they’re eco-friendly and provide your home with more light than bulbs that are rated for a similar wattage. You may even want to change out some of your light fixtures in order to increase the energy efficiency rating of your home. They also last longer so that you aren’t creating more trash in the landfill.

Enhance Natural Light

The size of your windows is what dictates how much natural light can enter your home. Home remodelers can help you enlarge your windows safely and professionally. Going with higher rated windows can also help to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Another bonus is that you can select a style of window that goes with the aesthetic that you’re looking to create in the rest of your home. Triple pane windows are an option in certain climates that help lower your energy bills. There are all sorts of ways that you can go about brightening up your home. Use these ideas so that you can increase the natural light in your home without having to turn on all of the lights.


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