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Need Kitchen Help?

What constitutes a kitchen emergency? Sure, things can boil over, or a dish can get left too long in the oven, or you can forget a key ingredient in that secret recipe. But we’re talking about another kind of kitchen emergency here: pulling together your kitchen for the first time. Maybe you’ve just gotten out of school with your brand-new degree…or gotten engaged…or married…and you finally move into a really nice place for a change. Suddenly, your friends and family want to come over to see the new digs, and they’ll expect you to — gulp! — feed them and entertain them. What now?

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Panic Is Not An Option—So Don’t!

As appealing as it might be to reach for the phone and dial a caterer, resist the urge. No one expects you to become a gourmet cook overnight; you can always ask friends to each bring something to share while you’re getting on your feet in the new place. People almost expect to do so, actually, so don’t be shy about speaking up. That’s part of the fun of ‘just starting out.’

Finding Your Style

While you’re having your fun pot-luck parties is the time you can start thinking about what you’d really like to see in your place — especially in your kitchen. It’s your space, after all. It’s yours to do with what you see fit, as your funds allow. So keep your eyes and ears open. When you’re visiting someone and like what you see in their houses, ask them how they made things look so attractive. Most people are flattered when someone appreciates their homes; they’ll probably talk your ear off and give you more than enough information!

It can take a while before you’re established enough to think about hiring a luxury kitchen company to wave a wand and give you instant ‘wow.’ So in the meantime, start an ‘idea’ file with pictures of the décor and accessories — the look — you like. As you pick up ideas and inspiration, certain things will ‘jump out’ at you and feel right. Those are things that resonate with you on some level — and those are things you will want to surround yourself with as you ease into making your new place truly yours.

You may like ultra-modern kitchens that look like something off a science-fiction set. You may feel a tug towards a nostalgic ‘Waltons’-type look, as if people step through your door into a cosy farmhouse. Or, your style may be somewhere in between — maybe something that harkens back to your childhood, with a little extra polish and shine.

No Emergencies Here

Once you get ‘bitten’ by a few exciting ideas, you’ll want to set aside a bit of cash here and there towards making those ideas take shape. Before you know it, you’ll be perusing catalogues and choosing your favourite colours, fabrics, knick knacks…and kitchen equipment.

But once again, there’s no need to panic if you don’t ‘know’ your style, if you can’t afford what you love right now, or if you’re taking a lot of time to make what seems like only tiny steps forward. The kitchen of your dreams will gradually take shape, if you listen to your instincts and shop for bargains that fit it. Then, before long, people will start asking you for tips. That’s when you know that what people see speaks volumes — all of it good — about how far you’ve comes.

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