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New Office Buildings Now Using LEED Gold and Platinum as Standard

Everywhere around the world and everywhere in the United States and Canada right now, there are new office buildings being built. It is a great time to be the owner of a business or company right now because big things are happening on the level of the economy. We are sad to say that not all of these buildings that are being build meet the standards of today, though, and these standards are now the LEED Gold and Platinum standards.

LEED certified sign

What is LEED?

You might know what LEED is and means already, but some people still do not. This acronym is the definition of what it means to be green today. Everyone who uses LEED knows that it stands for excellence, and it stands for taking care of what is around us: the trees, the lakes, the animals and everything else. LEED certified buildings have it all: they have environmentally friendly water and piping systems, solar panels, wind powered energy and even more. There are always recycling systems in place in these buildings as well, and everyone who works there knows that it’s important to always recycle everything and anything. These buildings are constantly the Gold and Platinum standard for the world of office buildings. It’s a great way to get your building, company or business on the map of good places to do your business! People will appreciate that you and your company appreciate the economy.

Finally, remember that it’s good to only utilize buildings that are green or LEED certified or don’t use them at all as well. There are many buildings all around you that have these special qualifications but some that do not as well. It is crazy to think but in about ten or twenty years, most LEED officials are looking forward to absolutely all buildings being LEED certified. Think of what this could do for the world and the environment. It could change things immensely, and this is a great goal to have. If you can join casino games today with Platinum Play, make sure that you are only playing these amazing games in LEED buildings.

Find the certification

Look for the certification on the outside of the building or when you go inside. Some places will have the certification all over, and it will be easy to tell that the building at hand is “green,” but other buildings will be a little slower in letting people know, so you can always at the front desk or ask someone who works there. the information can be found online at times as well

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