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Odor Removal with Ozone

Ozone is a clean and effective way to remove harmful microorganisms from the air inside a room and from water. After disinfecting and deodorizing with ozone, there is no taste or odor left behind. It is a much healthier way to treat water that using harmful chlorine compounds. Ozone generators can be used to remove odors from the air. When left inside a room, boat or car and activated, the extra oxygen atom attaches to the pollution and neutralizes it, so there is no toxins or odors left.


Clicking here will reveal the many useful, odor removal applications for an ozone generator. Smoke odor from tobacco and fire can be completely removed from a hotel, restaurant, home, car, bar and any other establishment where people use tobacco. It removes the odor from furniture upholstery, inside ducts, and from the walls. If used overnight, the facility can be odor-free the next morning. In a home, the entire living area can be made pet odor-free while the pet is away.

An ozone generator will completely remove the odor of cat and dog urine as well as other pet odors from bedding, carpets, walls and ceilings. The amount of time it takes to become odor-free depends on the size of the room and the penetration of the odor. Hotel rooms, apartments, and houses for sale need to be clean for a new tenant, but scrubbing and vacuuming may not be enough. Cleaning the drapes, carpet, kitchen, closets and bathrooms with an ozone generator will make the whole living area completely free from odors.

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