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Office Recycling

Though most people think of paper recycling as something to do at home, making sure they dispose of their daily paper properly, businesses have a massive part to play.

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A huge amount of paper gets used in offices around the world every day, so it is important that workers are aware of the need to recycle paper.

Offices should have a policy of providing plenty of paper recycling bins. It is vital to communicate to staff that they should recycle paper whenever possible, and this can be done by using posters and sending out regular email reminders.

One way of increasing the amount of paper that gets recycled is to appoint a specific recycling adviser who walks around the office. They can monitor the amount of paper that is being put into ordinary waste baskets, and advise people who are not bothering to recycle that their actions have been noted. Paper that ends up in office shredders should also be recycled.

Those people who are responsible for buying office stationery such as shredders have a special role in ensuring the company is as environmentally friendly as possible. There are very many companies who provide recycled notepads and office paper, and online price comparison sites will allow purchasers to get the best value.

It is worth bearing in mind the bigger picture, however, when buying recycled materials online.

It may well be cheaper to source such products from abroad, but that would be to ignore the carbon footprint.

To minimise “manufacturing miles”, it is good advice to buy from companies sourcing their products from within the UK. Buying from China means your products have to travel around 11,000 miles, so your intention to be “green” and buy recycled paper products can have a negative environmental impact.

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