Green living: Save Our Earth By Living Green

Making the Case for Greener Living

Living green often seems like an extreme practice. After all, it can be very inconvenient. And everyone has watched one or two TLC specials featuring cooky-looking folks who make salads out of greens that they find at the local park, or go to amazingly creative (and off-putting) lengths to reduce the water used for toilets and showers. And everyone knows someone who takes healthy and sustainable living to an extreme and has a kitchen stocked solely with plant-based protein powder and chia seeds.

Recycling Bin

However, “going green” has also gained a lot of popularity in the last couple decades. Gradually, we’re learning that new technology doesn’t always have the answers that we need. Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to take a step that looks, at first, like a step backwards in time. More »

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Plastic and the Pacific Garbage Patch

Most oceanographers estimate that humans have only seen about 95% of the ocean. Our oceans teem with life and mysteries that we haven’t yet explored. What’s a narwhal’s horn for? What is that lost city near Japan? What’s the milky sea phenomenon?

Sea turtle

But before any of those questions can be answered, we need to confront a not-so-mysterious problem: ocean garbage patches. More »

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5 Ways the World Keeps Getting Greener

Is there an easy way to make the world a better, greener place? Given the catastrophic climate change, nuclear war, and the increasing super intelligence that slowly destroy the world, revamping it seems like a daunting task. It takes not just a village but the entire world to make Earth a better place. Before we start looking at the bigger picture, why don’t we start this change within ourselves? There are simple ways people can do every day to make this world greener.

Green Living


The purpose of recycling is not just to make the environment clean. It matters to recycle in able to reduce air and water pollution. It is not just about conserving materials by making old items look like new. Reusing of products is a smart way to avoid landfills. Keep a box at home that contains items you can still recycle. More »

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Causes of Global Warming and How to Prevent It

Global warming, is the term used to refer to too much carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas plays a significant role to plants as it is required for photosynthesis. But too much is dangerous. Due to excess carbon dioxide it thickens the atmosphere trapping the heat inside the planet resulting to global warming.

Carbon dioxide

Global warming cannot be stopped but it can be prevented from getting worse. Here are some simple tips on how you can help in conserving energy and helping the world to fight climate change. More »

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Alternative Currencies in the World

While living green is extremely important another important piece of all of our lives is the “green” that helps us afford and take care of the world we live in. When we think of currency, we tend to think of paper bills and a handful of metal coins (which, as this article points out, is an oversimplification). Now, with the growth and rise of globalization, you could just as easily imagine currency as a few numbers on a computer that are constantly shifting over a global marketplace as goods and services are able to move more freely from country to country, due to incredible advances in technology that bring the world closer to each other. However, not all currency fits into this very specific mold. Indeed, there are dozens of other examples of currency that exist around the world, in one way or another. Some of these examples have been here for thousands of years, while others are mutual to this new age. Here are some alternative currencies that are still used around the world…

Gold Bars

Classic bartering

Trading one item for another is at the heart of why we have currency. However, the idea is that a common currency is supposed to simplify the process of trade by creating a general standard of value. Regardless, though, the oldest way to trade is to simply barter something that you have for something that you want. This is done, perhaps casually, by nearly every culture on the planet, and is the most common way that we bypass using a mainstream currency to purchase the things that we need. More »

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How to develop environmentally friendly beauty routine

The Earth is our mutual home, so we have to appreciate its beauty and natural wonders. Experts at Organic Hair Salons NYC have prepared simple steps you can take to make your beauty routine more green:

ECO Friendly Woman

1. Use home ingredients

You have no idea how many precious products you have in your kitchen. It’s time to upgrade your skincare regimen with the help of natural homemade recipes! Sugar in combination with essential oils can become a great exfoliator and keep your skin clean as well as lemon juice. Honey is famous for its nourishing, moisturizing, and antiseptic properties. Do research to find out more! More »

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