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4 Fun Ways to Teach Your Children About Recycling

It’s important to teach children to take care of the world around them. Not only will teaching children about recycling help them to grow to be responsible citizens, but it will also help make the world a better place for them. Use these fun ways to get your children interested in recycling and watch them take pride in their new knowledge and responsibility.

Teach Your Children About Recycling - 4 Fun Ways to Teach Your Children About Recycling

Re-purpose an Item

Children often want to throw an item away as soon as it doesn’t fit or is broken. Help your child keep unwanted items out of the landfill by re-purposing the item. For example, an old shirt could be used as a painting smock, water bottles could be filled part way with sand and used for a game of bowling or old boxes could be cut and used as sturdy book covers. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity. More »

How to Keep Your House Green As Summer Comes to an End

Improving the efficiency of a home is easier said than done, and that is why many people struggle with huge energy bills. Here is a quick look at four simple upgrades and maintenance projects that are going to lower your energy bills and minimize your impact on the environment.

Improving the efficiency - How to Keep Your House Green As Summer Comes to an End

Service Your Air Conditioner

Even if your air conditioner is relatively new, it still needs to be regularly serviced by an HVAC contractor. While every unit is slightly different, most experts agree that modern HVAC systems should be professionally serviced at least once a year. During the average maintenance call, the contractor is going to clean off the coils, check the wires for damage, and test accuracy of the thermostat. They will also take a look at the air filters to make sure that they aren’t clogged or damaged in any way. More »

Healthy Habits to Get You Through College

Being a college student, especially for the first time, is never exactly what you expect it to be. You suddenly have all of this newfound freedom, but you don’t always want this new independent life! Forcing yourself to get up for your 8am class is a struggle, even though you’ve been going to school at 7am for the last four years. You’ve always wanted to live off of ramen and cereal, and with no parents to force a vegetable onto your plate, you can! The excitement of college wears off pretty quickly, though, and leaves you with stress. The best way to ease this stress?

Healthy habits1 - Healthy Habits to Get You Through College

Establish a routine

Having a routine is essential to success, no matter what stage of life you’re in. But it’s especially important as you enter a new stage of life. Establishing a routine for yourself at the beginning of the semester will not only help ensure that you stay on top of your classes and curriculars, but it will help you feel balanced in the other, non academic, areas of your life! It doesn’t have to be anything super rigorous. Get a calendar, write out the days and times of your classes, and build your routine around that! Try to pick a day to go grocery shopping every week, which days you can make it to the gym, and when you’ll have time to do homework. Your schedule and routine will adapt as the semester goes on, but starting with a routine will help you throughout the entire semester! More »

The Mental Benefits of Physical Activity

For years, experts have been saying that one of the best ways to improve your mental health is to participate in regular physical exercise. Many studies have been done supporting the theory that physical activity can improve your mental wellbeing. Physical activity releases chemicals in your brain that help you to think more clearly, be in a better mood, and feel better overall. There are a lot of other mental and emotional benefits that come from regularly working out, including:

Yoga Class - The Mental Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Increased confidence. Exercising involves doing hard things, and it can result in your body looking more trim and athletic. Both of these things do well to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

More »

4 Common Home Mess Disasters and How to Handle Them in a Green Way

Even if your home is well-maintained, you will probably have to deal with at least a few mishaps and disasters over the years. Luckily, with some foresight and a little bit of planning, you should be able to quickly and easily take care of most of those messes while still keeping environment in mind.

Leaky Roof - 4 Common Home Mess Disasters and How to Handle Them in a Green Way

Leaky Roof

Ignoring a leaky roof can actually be physically dangerous. If not taken care of, this issue will quickly spiral out of control. Some of the most common signs of a leaky roof include a musty smell in the attic, a sagging ceiling, water stains on the walls, and buckling shingles. More »

What is the Environmental Impact of Air Conditioning?

The use of air conditioning is basically universal in many places in the world. Even though air conditioners have made life more convenient and enjoyable during the hot summer months, these appliances are known to pose certain environmental hazards. Here are some of the key environmental impacts of air conditioning.

Electrical Power - What is the Environmental Impact of Air Conditioning?

Reliance on Electrical Power

Air conditioners don’t power themselves and must rely on a power source to operate. Electricity is used to power most air conditioning units, and this traditional fossil fuel is known to pump more pollutants into the air. The power lines that are needed to deliver the electricity to air conditioners can also harm the environment by disrupting forests, wetlands and other natural settings where they pass through to get to homes and businesses. This is a systemic problem of how power is generated, and obviously little can be done on an individual level. However, getting solar panels if you can afford it, using public transportation, or just getting a solar phone charger would help in this regard. More »

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