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How can medical practices uphold a steady credentialing process?

Managing a hospital or a large practice requires you, as a healthcare professional consultant, to fulfill some tasks. Provider enrollment & credentialing is one of the most critical tasks. It looks easy on paper but difficult to execute in reality. It is the process by which a provider becomes associated with the insurance program and an authentic member of a practice or a hospital.

Medical - How can medical practices uphold a steady credentialing process?

Medical credentialing includes a check of your education history, degrees, certifications, work experiences, prior places of work, and licenses. After all the information is checked, you are enrolled in
Medicare, for instance, to be reimbursed in the future. Once you are through with the accreditation, it gives your professional education with greater authenticity. More »

How to Avoid Yard Damage from Your Sewer System

During flooding events such as storms and periods of heavy rain, one of your greatest risks likes in backups of your sewer system. Sewage often contains microorganisms that present serious health risks. In the event that these pathogens spill over into your yard and seep into the soil, they can thrive long after the waters have receded, posing an ongoing hazard. There’s also the terrible odors involved. Here are some ways to ensure your sewer system will function as intended even under the worst conditions.

Sewer - How to Avoid Yard Damage from Your Sewer System

Engineered Lawns

It’s a good idea to adjust the topography of your property as much as possible. If you live in a low-lying, flat lot, all those foul floodwaters will pool up in the vicinity. Create a low bank around your home’s foundation, and low walls or embankments to channel water away from spots like flower gardens or children’s play areas and toward public drains or low-lying spots where the overflow can be contained. Dig some small drainage ditches, or lay underground pipes to facilitate better drainage. More »

Eco-Friendly Ways to Increase a Home’s Value

When people think about ways they can be environmentally friendly, they shouldn’t be thinking that they have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to do so. As a matter of fact, being environmentally friendly is actually something that can both save you money, and make you more money, in the long run. This is especially true, in regards to your home. Plenty of environmentally friendly upgrades for your home actually make your home worth more. Here are some ideas of eco-friendly ways to increase your home’s value…

Solar Panel - Eco-Friendly Ways to Increase a Home's Value

Solar panels

Solar energy is one of the most popular ways that homeowners are incorporating green energy into their houses. This is accomplished by installing solar panels on the roof, which are then stored in a battery in the home. Solar panels are becoming a highly sought after amenity for individuals looking to buy a home. For this reason, not only do solar panels help you cut down on your monthly energy bill, but the costs to install them actually go into the value of the home. No matter what anyone tells you about solar not being efficient, it is not only economically smart to install solar panels, but almost financially incredulous not to. More »

How to Know if the Paint You’re Using Is Eco-Friendly

There are a lot of ways to add character to your home. You can buy new furniture or paint your home a new color. Painting upgrades your home’s character and charm, but if your feeling of accomplishment is quickly placed by the need for fresh air, consider this: that noxious odor is coming from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can linger for days or even months.

ECO House - How to Know if the Paint You’re Using Is Eco-Friendly

What Are VOCs?

Some of the chemicals found in paint, such as benzene and formaldehyde, are proven to cause respiratory issues and even certain types of cancer. They’re also known to cause irreparable damage to the ozone layer. More »

Simple Steps for Avoiding Toxic Chemicals at Home

Harsh chemicals are a concern for many eco-conscious families, especially those with children or pets in the home. Even after a chemical has been used and is no longer visible on a surface, there may be a residue that could impact health in the future. Keeping your home free of harsh chemicals is a simple way to keep your family safe. There are many effective products that you can buy or make that can take the place of more traditional remedies for household problems. You clean your home to make it safer for your family, so be sure that you are actually creating the cleanest and safest possible environment by using chemical free and natural methods whenever possible.

Children and Pet at Home - Simple Steps for Avoiding Toxic Chemicals at Home

First Steps

Basic safety in a home with children begins with adding childproof locks to cabinets near the floor and to any area where chemicals or dangerous items are stored. Installing toilet lid locks is important if you use a bowl disinfectant that clips on or dissolves in the toilet tank. Be aware of items like remote controls which have batteries that could pop out if the object is dropped; consider putting strong tape over the battery housing. More »

Green Building: How Businesses Can Reduce Energy Usage

Homeowners these days are always looking for options that can help them minimize energy use. Business owners nowadays are doing the same. Decreasing your energy consumption can save a lot of money. It can also be a terrific thing for the planet. If you’re a business owner who cares about the environment, then you should focus on restricting your energy use starting today.

Green Building - Green Building: How Businesses Can Reduce Energy Usage

Know that Natural Sunlight Is Your Friend

Businesses can decrease energy consumption by making use of beautiful natural sunlight. Give sunshine the chance to illuminate your work environment on a daily basis. Skylights can help you cut down on your lighting requirements. There are various other convenient natural light options that can do the same. Assess your workspace for locations that have excessive lighting, too. Eliminate any lights that may be redundant. More »

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