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Natural Light: 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Home

Brightening up your home doesn’t have to involve leaving the lights on or using more electricity–can be done in a manner that’s also eco-friendly. Some solutions are easier to achieve than others when it comes to your home makeover. Here are just a few of the ideas that you can use that will allow you to brighten your home in an eco-friendly manner.

Light - Natural Light: 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Home

Lighten Your Walls

The paint on your walls goes a long way in affecting the lightness of each room. Selecting a color that’s lighter can reflect more of the natural light back into the interior of your home. Select a paint that’s low or offers zero VOC’s so that you can help the environment as well. Many of these new paints only require one coat in order to provide your home with a new level of freshness. Go with a semi-gloss or gloss in order to maximize your lightness factor. More »

Is Your AC Draining Your Home’s Energy? Here’s a Few Reasons Why

A damaged or inefficient AC could increase your energy bills by thousands of dollars a year, and that is just one of the reasons why you should make sure that your HVAC system is running smoothly at all times. With regular maintenance and some professional assistance, you should be able to avoid some of the most common air conditioning issues that homeowners struggle with.

bulb 447x298 - Is Your AC Draining Your Home's Energy? Here's a Few Reasons Why

Clogged Filters

Many people forget about their AC filters for months, and that can wreak havoc on their energy bills. While every HVAC system is slightly different, most experts agree that filters should be changed at least once a month. When AC filters become clogged, the system must work much harder to pull in air, and that could eventually overheat the motor. Luckily, swapping out an AC filter is a simple job that should only take a few minutes to complete. More »

4 Eco-Friendly Materials to Use When Updating Your Home

If you’re planning to update your home, be sure to choose attractive eco-friendly materials. For example, using recycled materials, has a far less environmental impact than new materials. Sustainably grown materials such as bamboo and hemp, will be more eco-friendly than using newly cut lumber. Likewise, using reclaimed wood has a much less environmental impact, and more character, than using new lumber.

Home Deck - 4 Eco-Friendly Materials to Use When Updating Your Home

Here are four of the best eco-friendly materials you can use to update your home. More »

4 Great Uses for Recycled Aluminum Scrap Metal

The groundswell of enthusiasm for all things renewable is global. Sustainable practices in manufacturing are gaining popularity as more people hearken to the call of recycling more and disposing of seemingly useless materials less. This gives rise to the ingenuity of industry and other areas of creativity to make the most of existing materials, such as aluminum. To help illustrate this concept, here are four great uses for recycled aluminum scrap metal:

Recycled Aluminum Scrap Metal - 4 Great Uses for Recycled Aluminum Scrap Metal

Industrial Applications

Scrap iron is nothing new to industrial metal manufacturing and machinery manufacturing. The emphasis these days is on using recycled aluminum scrap metal as much as possible, which calls for the effort on the parts of those who have aluminum to return for reuse to step up their game. It is lucrative to turn in your aluminum scrap to metal fabricators, and the prices for this material continue to rise whilst utilizing scrap aluminum is much cheaper for the manufacturer. More »

How to Find an Environmentally Friendly Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Many homeowners focus on how they can transform their current homes to be more environmentally friendly, but it’s easier to choose a property that is already designed with sustainability in mind. Individuals that are focused on living greener lives should keep this in mind before purchasing a new home. Homebuyers should consider the following guidelines when searching for an environmentally friendly home within their budget.

Environmentally Friendly Home - How to Find an Environmentally Friendly Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Purchase Property with a South-Facing Roof

While many people don’t consider the direction a roof is facing, this is an important factor in choosing an environmentally-friendly home. Roofs that are south-facing are ideal for the installation of solar panels as homes in cities that are located in the northern hemisphere must be pointed south. By picking a property with a south-facing roof, homeowners will be able to install solar panels and take advantage of this sustainable energy source. More »

3 Ways to Make Your Patio More Eco-Friendly

Extending the living space from inside to include the outside is the best of both worlds when it comes to owning your own home. Going green presents myriad benefits and advantages for you as a homeowner as well as for the planet from reducing your carbon footprint. What is more, you can make use of reclaimed materials from sources that would otherwise abandon them to a landfill. To help you with this, here are three ways to make your patio more eco-friendly.

Patio Eco Friendly - 3 Ways to Make Your Patio More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Materials

Patio structures may include pergolas with lattice work, gazebos or tables and seating to enhance your enjoyment of the atmosphere in a beautiful back garden. Second-hand patio furnishings are one way to avoid adding to waste lands. If you are handy with woodworking skills, locating a source of reclaimed or recycled wood supplies is a twofold method of indulging your artistry while making use of existing materials. Buying used materials is much less expensive than buying new, and the character of repurposed wood is indescribably lovely. More »

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